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Gertrude in Boston, MA, USA


June 2007



Greetings, my fellow birthday idea hunters! Ha! Well, one of my faveorite past times is nothing more than cuddling up on the couch with a good book! So, for my 14th birthday party, I decided to do a book bash! Well, of course, it didn't happen just yet, but my  birthday is in 3 weeks, so these are my plans!  

INVITATIONS: For the invitations, I will cut out a printed piece of paper that looks like- well, you guessed it- a book! It will also have the picture of the bookworm, you know, that little, imaginary green worm with glasses that apears on alot of book figuritives. On the front, it will say, Come to Gerty's 14th Book Bash and celebrate the true meaning of knowledge- books!" Then on the back it will say all the basic deatails. I invited alot of my family and my 2 friends.  

DECORATION: Well I have so much bookshelves and books that I will not have to buy much! Lucky me! I  will decorate my family room to look like a library with bookshelves all around and some big comfy couches. There will also be posters of some famous authors. There will even be a "check-out desk" that is a regular table with novelties on it. But one of the bookshelves will be filled with the paper-back books that they could accually check-out! Yay! A use for all my paper-back copies of the books I already have!  

ACTIVITIES: The first thing that we will do is I will sit everybody around and I will recite my speech that I have made about the importance of books and my thank-you to them for coming to my party. Next we will play "Who Wrote It?". It is a game where I give a book title and they will guess the author. Can't forget reverse-style! I give out an author and they will have to name one of their works of art!

After that dandy game we will have a "poetry-off". This is when I choose a category of poems (limericks free-verse haikus ect.) and each guest will be assigned a partner. Then I will give them a couple minutes to come up with a poem then recite them out loud. I will then choose the winner out of the two. Finnally it will be time for the library!

Everybody will gather 'round my personal "library" in my family room. We will then have 30 minutes of silent time when my guests can choose and read my books and they can even check-out a paper-back book that is on the paper-back bookshelf. Guests will take home a book instead of a goody-bag (since candy rots your teeth while books feed your brain!). Our last activity will be dinner cake and presents then everybody will go home.  

FOOD: For din-din my peers will have some chicken-pot-pie (homemade of course) and Capri Suns. The cake will be in a shape of a book of course!       Well that will be one heck of a party! I can't wait! Take my tips and you too can have a groovy shindig like mine!"

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