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Erin in perth WA Australia


September 2008



For my 14th party we were really stuck so we decieded to ask one of the local ladys at our church to teach me and my friends the art of caning aka modling clay beads in the style of rock candy. The party went for 4 hours and that was just the right amount of time any shorter and we would be rushed!

Invites: we just printed it out on the computer, stuck it in a square of scrapbooking paper and folded all the corners in. Scured with stickers and wrote their names on the other side. Basic but verry effective!! 

Decorations: Pastel metalic ballons tied every where! I also made a sighn by painting paw prints and writing in metalic texta HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We made the cake the center piece of the table.  Food: for lunch we had rolls but we set up my bench buffet style so me and my friends each chose what we wanted ( we had chicken,ham, a selction of saleds eg tomato cumcumber ect and a veriety of dressings and sauces eg ranch, mayonaise, sweet chilli ect)and put that in our rolls.

We also had dip with veggies and crackers, chips and of course rock candy! We also did sundaes in the same layout as the rolls ( we had hot fudge sauce mini marshmellos ,wafers and crushed nuts). We also had a small table with water, orange juice and lemonade on with all the snacks.  

Cake; I love Mr Men and Little Miss so mum made a cake in the shpe of Little Miss Chatterbox which is one of favourite charcters. This was pretty basic and looked fantastic. Note: to make the cake even more yummy use a goose egg instead of 2 normal chickens eggs. 

Activites: after lunch and the sundaes we got taught how to make the beads this took about an hour and was a great favour we each choose 2 colures ( half a block of modling clay) each we each made flowers and love hearts these looked great! But you could also make models out of the clay though if you just look on the web you will come up with many ideas. Do scrapbooking or beading these are all relativly cheap too and will look fantastic. 

Favors: apart from the beads. We gave every one a silk draw string bag with carmello kola, chupa chup and fruit tingles. Every one then put their beads in the bag too. 

Some stuff to know: We invited 7 girls so 10 in total ( i have 2 siblings. The rest of the time we chatted , listened to music and genrally mucked around ( all teen girls love to chat and have a bit of spare time) the day went as follows 12.00 pm start Lunch and open presents. 2-3.00pm did beading. rest of time while waiting for the beads to cook mucking around  4.00pm party fininsh! 

This was a very good party and My Mum loved it! I love this website so I hoped it helps with your party!

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