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Julia in New Jersey


December 2008


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birthday I wanted to do something a little different then everyone.  Therefore I chose a Christmas in April Party.  I figured that everyone loves the holiday season, so why not do my birthday party that way! I invited 11 people.

INVITATIONS: For the invitations I made them on microsoft word, and put CHRISTMAS IN APRIL in big letters.  Then below that it said your invited to *****'s Birthday Party! And then there was all the information; date, time, rsvp, what, where, etc. Then I cut that out.  And I made the invite skinny.  So I cut it out, and it was about 4-5 wide.  I then put this on red and green paper with sparkles from AC MOORE.

DECORATIONS: For decorations I used 4 main colors.  I used lime green red regular green and hot pink.  I had streamers in those colors throughout the house.  I also had balloons those colors.  I did solid paperware in those colors too.  I had christmas lights in the room where the party would be-my living room.  I also had mini candy canes assorted all over the tables.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: Since I was having a christmas theme and christmas is in the winter for me I decided that ice skating would be part of the party.  My party was from 5pm to 10pm so we went ice skating at about 8:30 and then were back by 10 for everyone to be picked up.  But from 5:00pm to 8:00pm we did a few activities.

Once everyone got there we decorated santa hats. There were rhinestones and glitter paint.  Everyone's names were already on the hats in puff paint because we knew that my friends probably would mess up their names. But we had a bunch of things to decorate the hats with.  You  could also decorate red green and pink tee shirts if you want I was in between the hats and that but I ended up having the hats.  We would also be listening to christmas music the whole time. 

After that we ate pizza since everyone eats that.  Except to make it unique we bought crust and then made our own pizzas! While they were cooking we hung out and I opened my presents. =) Than we ate our yummilicious pizza.  Then we hung out a little bit more and I had a christmas movie if we wanted to watch it.. but we ended up just kinda hanging out.  Eventually we decorated sugar cookies and  cupcakes.. and then we sang and ate cupcakes.  I like cupcakes more than cake so I decided on cupcakes with pink green and red icing. 

After that it was time to go skating so my mom and dad drove us to the skating rink and watched us skate.  One of my friends hates ice skating so she just took pictures.  Those are all the activities we did!

COSTUMES/WHAT TO WEAR: I left it casual but had everyone wear red green and pink and told everyone to wear a warm jacket and bring gloves and heavy socks since the ice skate rentals are pretty uncomfortable.  I also told them that if they had ice skates bring them!

PARTY SNACKS/FOOD/CAKE: I had typical party snacks like cheetos potato  chips and then I had salsa and chips but I found red and green tortilla chips.  We had the homemade pizza for dinner and had chicken nuggets in case anyone else wanted them.  For the cake we did cupcakes and sugar cookies instead because I know that not everyone loves cake.  So people decorated their cookies and cupcakes the way they would like to eat them.  FAVORS: Since it was a christmas theme I kept with the theme.  I had one red nail polish hot cocoa a candy cane some more candy and then it was stored in a little red and green bag and we rolled it so it looked like a brown bag lunch and added some rhinestones and a bow.  The santa hats were also part of the favors. 

THANK YOU NOTES: For thank you notes I got plain red folding cards and then added on the front "A VERY MERRY THANK YOU" and it said thank you and all of the details.  I sent them out 2 weeks after the party.  Overall the party was a great success and I had a bunch of fun all of my friends enjoyed the holiday spirit in April it turned out great!"

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