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Katrina in Peterborough UK


January 2009



My daughter decided to host a Hillbilly Hoedown for her 14th last year.  Invitations were printed with a gingham border with hillbilly type pictures printed from the computer. It said things like ' polish your tooth, youre comin' to a hoedown, y'hear?' There were 10 guests altogether. 

First activity was Pin The Moustache on Grandma - I drew the lifsize head of Grandma myself. Each guest had a paper moustache printed from the internet with their name on that they had to stick above Grandmas lip.Closest one received a prize. 

Next we had 10 Hillbilly style poems/funny letters written in Southern twang. I bought some Billy Bob teeth and each guest had to put the teeth in and then read the poem out to the others. The kids had a blast with this. Again, the most convincing accent won a prize. 

Next was the 'Eat Off'. The guests were divided into 2 groups. The first had 2 minutes to eat as many marshmallows as they could while their friends cheered them along. The next group had to eat crackers with no water! The winner of each got a certificate from our pretend diner 'Backwoods Diner' which told them to come back the following year to defend their title. 

Our last planned activity was the actual Hoedown dancing. I bought some gold chocolate coins and put them in a pretty little bag - 5 were small and 5 were large but i didnt tell the kids that! Whichever size coin you pulled out was the dance group you were in (5 guests in each). One group went into the living room and had 20 minutes to practise a dance routine to Rhinestone Cowboy. The other group had the hall and were going to dance to Hillbilly Rock.

This 20 minute break gave me time to prepare drinks etc for the party food which was to follow after the dancing. When 20 minutes was up I called the groups into the lounge and each group had to perform their routine to the others and myself who was the judge! Each member from the winning team got a small prize and it was lovely as everyone got really into it. 

Party food was of course Kentuck Fried Chicken and coke which had been renamed Moonshine for the day. I had bought a normal tray bake cake for the birthday cake and found some small plastic Hillbilly characters on Ebay that I iced onto the top of it. 

Party bags were brown paper bags filled with gummy teeth sweets, Hillbilly toothpicks ( a nail that I had packaged), a small charm with a howling dog on it, their Billy Bob Teeth and a slice of cake.  This was a really enjoyable day.I hope you can take some ideas from it.

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