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fallie in Methuen MA USA


August 2009



I am a competitive and athletic girl and so are my friends. I'm in love with the summer olympics so I had to do something fun and sporty for my summer birthday.(I recomend at least 6 people for this type of party)    

INVITATION: I made a simple flyer with who what where when and bring with an olympic sighn at the top. Before the party I randomly pulled their names from a hat to determine their teams and team color. At the bottom of the invitation you tell them their team color ask them IF POSSIBLE to wear there team color cloths and bathing suit.    

DECORATION: You dont have to decorate but it just makes it even better if you do. I had red white and blue streamers on everything and different counry's flags like China,Canada,USA,and Russia.    

ACTIVITIES:I Had 3 teams of 3. For activities I had a four legged race tieing all 3 peoples legs together but they had to walk and jump over things.Not only did they have to do this they had to play 4 rounds of pictionary or get 2 ringers in the game horseshoe after they completed the 4 leged opstical cource. Another activity was in the pool. One team at a time was given a float and they had to race from one end of the pool to the other and back but they had to have two body parts on the float at all times. My dad timed them as the other teams waited on the deck and cheered them on.

The last activity was a pool trampoline and running competition(you dont need the trampoline to do this). I gave each team an empty milk carton and little plastic cups. Before you start you have to determine a swimmer a jumpper and a runner. There should be one swimmer from each team in the pool one jumper for each team on the trampoline or gathered in a designated spot and one runner from each team gathered in a spot.The runners are each given the small plastic cup for thier team.

They fill it with pool water and hand it to the person in the pool they run to the other side while the swimer holds the cup above water trying not to spill it and swims to the other side the runner then takes it and runs around the house once and then gives it to the jumper in the trampoline or on the ground. The jumpper jumpes 3 times both feet coming off the ground tring not to spill the water out of the cup( I had my sister make sure they were all jumping not bouncing)the jumpper hands the cup back to the runner nad they run it to their teams empty milk carton and pour the remaining water out of the cup into the milk carton. Whatever team fills the carton to the top or to a certain point wins.    

GAMES: we only played one game = improv. My mom whent around the house and found small and odd itens and put them in a bag then each team randomly picked an item and found a room in the house to make up a comercial that tried to sell the item as something that its not. For example I used a barbie doll as a back scratching robot. A juge(s) picks a winner at the end.    

COSTUMES: Unless u call a bathing suit a costume then no costumes are needed for this party.    

SNACKS: I put out party usuals because teenagers eat anything. Mostly candy,chips,pretzles, and soda.     

CAKE: I had strawberry short cake with blue and white coolwhip. Showing our pride for the American olympic team. I took angel food cake and put a bit of regular white coolwhip and coolwhip with blue food coloring on the top for white and blue. Then I diced up strawberries and sprinkled them on top for red.     

FAVORS: I picked out awards for all the teams like metals and special cups filled with mini manicure kits for 1st place, giant Hershy bars for 2nd place, and bags of asorted candy for 3rd.I had so much fun with this party and if you use my idea I hope you have an awsome birthday!!!!

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