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Natalie in San Jose, CA, United States


September 2009


Honorable Mention

I was turning 14...this means time for a huge partaay!I invited my whole class by email because i didn't want others to be hurt. Be creative with the invite and make it sound super fun! I spent most of my free time thinking of ideas for the party and I researched ALOT!!!

And believe was worth every second of it! The party lasted about 5 hours. I planned to have 27 people divided into three groups. The more competition the better! When the guests started arriving, I had a jar set out with a bunch of tiny rubber creatures in it. The guests could guess how many were in the jar while waiting. the winner will be determined after party. They would win a free $5 gift card to Jamba Juice. Once everyone was present, we had the people split into three groups. The group colors were blue, green, and orange. They decorated T-shirts of their team color.


1) Team Shelter Three teams were given card board, tape, rope and scissors. 15 minutes were given to each. The teams need to make a shelter. The team with a standing shelter recieves 10 pnts. If everyone can fit in the shelter, they get 5 extra pnts.

2) Frozen Creatures Three big cubes of ice are given to three teams. Each cube of ice contains many rubber bugs and snakes. The rules are NO BREAKING THE ICE. The team needs to melt the ice with their breath or anything but no breaking it..Winning team=10pnts. Runner up=7pnts. Loser=5pnts.

3) Don't BUG me! Three bowls of real live crickets are placed on a table. When the whistle is blown, the team transfers the bugs to another bowl. The team that has the most bugs in the bowl wins after 3 minutes. Winning team = 30pnts. Runner up= 20 Loser=15 EXTRA:A person who can eat the live cricket wins his team double the points they received from that game.

4) Treasure Chest Challenge On the GO!" the teams race to the balloon area. They find the balloon with the color of their team. They pop each and every balloon with nothing but their feet or hands. In each balloon is a letter. The letters gathered make a word. Unscramble it to find where the next clue is. Once they find where the clue is hidden they will find a riddle. Once the riddle is solved that will lead to the key. Once key is found a team member races to the three treasure boxes on the table. They choose one and open it. Each box is filled with a different prize. One has 5 pnts for the team the second has goodies for each member of the team  and the third has the power to dock 7 points off an opposing team. In addition the team who opened a box first wins 15 points.

5) Water Balloon Challenge There are three rounds to this game. ROUND 1: team one and team two battle= team one splits into two groups. One side of the group lines up and the other lines up in opposite direction. The water balloons are thrown from one partner to another. Team two is in the middle of the two groups of team one. They are basically the monkey in the middle. They have to catch the balloons and/or pop it. Once 15 minutes are over if team two has destroyed every balloon they win 5 pnts. If team one still has balloons they win 5 pnts. These rounds goes on until each team has played thrower or monkey in the middle.

6) Mystery Cuisine Three member from each team are put up to the tasting test. They are blindfolded and their team members will feed them mystery food with strange names. They will have to guess the food. Every correct answer earns the team 5 pnts. For example mustard would be called "Disgusting Diaria" And peas would be called " Alien Balls of Food". The team with the most points of that game wins a tiny knick-knack prize.

7) Slippery Toes 3 tubs are filled with ice and marbles. Each team member has 30 seconds to get as many marbles out as they can. Once every one has gone the game ends. We count the marbles from each team. The team with most marbles win 30 points. The runner up gets 20 and loser gets 10 points. 

That's all of the games I came up with. You can pick the lunch time in between or after according to your birthday schedule. The lunch for all of the people was hot dogs and hamburgers. We set out a buffet like thing where you walk by grab a bun and then either a patty or Weiner and then there was a sauce bar.

We had ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and it was delicious! This party took place at a park and it was fantastic. The winning team with the most points all get a free AMC movie ticket each. It was amazing. We didn't get goodie bags because we spent a huge amount on the games already. What the people collected were basically their goodies! 

The party was a huge success and I'm sure yours will be too if you use these great ideas!"

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