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Isabel in Lawrenceville, GA, USA


December 2009


Honorable Mention

I am a chocaholic! This is an idea i came up with for my 14th Birthday Party. I will be inviting 9 girls, so it will be 10 including myslef. It is an elegant dinner with a fondue fountain.

INVITATIONS: I am going to invite 9 girls to this party. The invited will be a Herseys chocolate bar with a custom wrapping. On the front of the bar it will say You're invited to... Isabel's 14th Birthday". On the back it will say all of the information such as place (my basement) time (Saturday 7 pm-11:30 am the next day) what to bring (bathing suit old shirt and pants and PJs) and my cell phone number for RSVPs. I will make the invites online print them out on special colored paper and cut and tape each one on the hershey bars. I will hand deliver each one to everyones house.

DECORATIONS: The "theme" of this event is chocolate fondue. I will set up a buffet table decorated with bright pink balloons and streamers and little chocolates. On the table will be a rented fondue fountain. Around it will be many thing you can dip into the fountain like marshmallows oreos and strawberries. I will have also set up our dining table very nicely with a pink tablecloth and fany plates. It will be a very elegant dinner with scented candles nice napkins and dim lighting. One balloon will be ties to everyones chair. In my basement the more casual area i will have pink and brown streamers hung and a balloon drop set up. A balloon drop is where you have a huge bag or net of balloons and you pull a simple string that releases all of the balloons upon your guests. For when guests arrive we will out our a red carpet and my older brother will act as paparazzi as they walk it.

ACTIVITIES: When the guests arrive my mom or dad will greet them make sure that they are on the "list" and take any coats or bags they have to the basement. I will escort them to the dining room in which we sit down to a lovely dinner. For this dinner we are planning some rolls and butter as the appetizer. Sphaggeti and meatballs will be the main course. For dessert everyone will get a skewer and a small plate. At their own will they can get up and use the fondue fountain.

GAMES: when everyone is done eating our guest will be asked to change into their "messy outfit". Once everyone is ready we will begin the game. It is a relay type game. They will be divided into two treams. Each team will be able to choose their own name and strategy this is how the game works: The team of 5 will nominate two "munchers" these should be the people who can eat the fastest. There will be one "runner" and two "creators". The Runner has to start outside of the house. They must run up my drive way on the red carpet stop to pose for a picture into my house and too the fondue pot where they have to COMPLETLEY cover 5 oreos 5 strawberries 3 large marshmallows and 10 mini marshmallows.

They have to then run to the basement and hand it off to the creators. The creators will Make some sort of obvious picture with the fondue covered treats. It has to be clear enough so that my mom or dad can guess what it is and be correct. One it is clear enough my brother will take a picture and the munchers must start eating it. When they are done they have to open their mouths to let everyone know there is nothing left. The winning team gets to pie the other team in the face.

COSTUMES: When the guests arrive they should all be in very pretty elegant type dresses. Hair and makeup should be pre done as well. However they should bring something they can change into to get a little messy suring the game. PJs are also requested for the sleepover.

PARTY SNACKS: Why fondue of course! Along with the dinner serverd and casual chips soda oretzels and candy for the remaining of the night.

CAKE: MY personal favorite is a cookie cake from sams club. It is really two cookie cakes with icing in between them! I will put chocolate-covered oreos on it for decoration as well. It will most likely just say the standard: "happy birthyday" on it. Favors: For favors I will put a page of everyones photos together and print one off for each girl They will also be welcome to take any candy that they want too. This party is going to be a BLAST! I cannot wait! Hope I helped you with idead for your party!"

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