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Lexi in Freehold, NJ, USA


February 2010


Honorable Mention

Many teenage girls are interested in fashion magazines such as Teen Vogue, or Seventeen. You can have the birthday girl gather up her friends to create a fashion magazine together!

INVITATIONS: A good idea for invitations is making them resemble a real fashion magazine. On the front cover, put a picture of the girl, the magazine title, (one that exists or that you created on your own) and a fun message like, It's ________'s Birthday!" and maybe some information about her favorite things going on in the world of fashion. On the inside give the important party information like the location date time and RSVP number. You can request for the guests to come in fancy or casual attire or even dress up as a current celebrity.

DECORATIONS: The decorations for this party can be simple. Purchase solid color tableware in the birthday girl's favorite color or colors. If you like adding tiny details you can embellish cups and napkin rings with lace or place doilies under or on top of the plates. Don't forget the balloons and tablecloth! On the table where you will be holding the activity scatter some magazines for inspiration. If you choose to eat before the activity spread out the magazines when everyone is finished eating. If you want to eat after the activity set up the plates when the magazine is finished.

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES: The activity is the highlight of this party! Give the girls the magazines and have them write down different categories for them to cover. If you have less than 10 guests each person can be assigned more than one role. If there are more than 10 guests I recommend giving each person one role. The cover girl will be none other than the birthday girl! You can have a drawn or taken picture of her on the front. It's a good idea to use card stock for the front and back cover. Here are some topics you can have people cover: advertisements (for real or made up products) top 10 must haves for the season an interview with the cover girl outfit advice and ideas (ex: cardigans go great with skinny jeans!)get the look (show celebrities in outfits with high price tags and show how you can get the look for a lot less) product reviews etc.

Once roles are fairly chosen (you can have them get picked out of a hat to avoid arguments) give the girls some paper and have them get to work. Supply materials such as colored pencils markers and other writing implements. Let the girls chat as they work on their topics. You can use a magazine to help you decide what pages should go where or just decide on your own. When you decide the order number the pages. You can bond it all together by stapling the pages or hole punching them and tying a knot of yarn or string around the holes. This will probably take an hour. This project may be tiring but if the guests still need to be occupied you can make them individual sketchbooks by stacking a few pieces of paper on top of each other folding them in half then stapling or hole punching the pages together. You can put the guest's name on the front if you'd like. They can design some clothes in the sketchbooks when another activity is needed or when they need to wait for food to be served.

FOOD: You can serve traditional party foods such as pizza or hot dogs. If you want to make the party a little "fancy" you can make a dinner that can easily serve all like spaghetti with Italian bread and meatballs if you'd like.

CAKE: You can make a traditional birthday cake consisting of the birthday girl's favorite colors or go the extra mile. You can make a magazine cake! Make a sheet cake and put plain icing on itwhite is a good choice. Make a stencil of the magazine title so you can easily recreate it on the cake using any color of icing you choose.

For the picture of the birthday girl you can have an edible photograph of her made. If don't know who can provide that service you can still place a picture on top I recommend one printed on copy paper not a glossy copy. You should back it with card stock too. However if you're great with icing you can draw the birthday girl on your own. Write "Happy Birthday _______" on the cake just as a fashion magazine would specify what the magazine included.

FAVORS: Favors can be simple you can just put some candy and maybe an inexpensive piece of jewelry in a pretty bag to give to each guest. You'll probably find yourself spending most of the money on decorations and favors. The cake may be costly if you have a baker make it. I hope you enjoy planning this party you'll find in the end that the work was worth it! "

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