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Winter Wonderland -13yr- Blue & White Snowflake Invite




Miscellaneous Teen Party


Jackie in Chicago,IL


September 2008



For my 13th birthday party I wanted a great party. My 12th birthday was awesome and you can read it on here as well. The thing was my parents were in no condition for a party at the time. It was in Oct. So in Decemeber I had my party. 

INVITATION: The invite was made on my computer. I found a pale blue and white snowflake background and typed in a fancy font Parties and Holidays are so much fun. Combine the two and you get Jackie's 13th birthday party. Join us for a fun and magical winter wonderland experience." It also included the party information. I got glittery pale blue ribbon from Michaels and made 2 hole punches at the top. Then I tied the ribbon in a bow. 

DECORATIONS: My party was held in my living room and dining room (we were also in the kitchen). In the living room I set up Christmas lights here and there. My mom made white fur pillow cases and we placed them around our long theater couch. We had the Christmas tree and fake presents in the dining room and posters of me in a cute Mrs. Santa dress holding a huge candy cane. On the dining room table we put our Christmas tablecloth and had a poinsettia as our centerpiece. We had wreaths and garland hanging through entryways and door frames.

ACTIVITIES: Throughout the party we atedanced and talked. We had baking stations too. My godmother was in charge of the brownie station my mom was in charge of the cookie station and my grandma was in charge of the cupcake station. Each girl made either 1 or 2 of each thing and got to decorate them. When they were all done my mom made hot chocolate and coffee so we could enjoy our baked goods and we watched a movie during this too. We brought out blankets and the girls changed into their pjs it was really a comfortable feeling.

FOOD: for the food we had sort of a buffet thing going on. We had a menu in which I also typed up on the computer. The choices were Burger and fries Hot Dog and chips or Pizza and fries/chips. For drinks my mom made some awesome punch. We had party snacks like chips and dippopcorncandyand some beverages as well. Oh and the cookies we made with hot chocolate and coffee.

FAVORS: for favors we bought mini inexpensive Santa bags. We filled them with festive jewelrymake-up and candy. Also in the beginning of the party the girls were handed glittery pink Santa hats with each of their names on it.

My party was such a success I can't wait for my 14th or even yet My Quincenera!!!!! Hope I could help with your up coming party!  JACKIE"

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