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Outdoor Tea Party -15yr- Trees were Blooming




Miscellaneous Teen Party


Samantha in Rainsville, Alabama, USA


March 2012



For my 15th Birthday I decided to have a tea party. I had never had a tea party birthday before so I though it would be fun. My mom set a budget for $100.

INVITATIONS: I made my own invitations and printed them out. They said, You are courtly invited to attend the Royal 15th birthday tea at Samantha's Castle (then my address) on April 13 at 10am sharp. Please dress nicely and RSVP (my number). Also inside each invitation there was a small booklet I printed out that had tea party etiquette. The front of the invitation had a picture I copied from the internet of a teapot and tea cups.

DECORATIONS: We borrowed tables and chairs from my church. We placed two tables long ways together underneath several blooming trees and covered with some green and white fabric with pink tea party scenes, that we bought from walmart. We also purchased a pink floral fabric to cut into napkins. My grandmother loaned me a beautiful tea set (it was white with a gold trim and pink flowers in the middle.) Each guest had a plate, saucer, tea cup.

Each guest also had a different style wine glass that we used for the water glass. The table had two large vases of pink carnations. I printed out name tags and taped them in front of each guest's seat. I had 2 more tables (covered in a shiny white cloth) sitting one the other side of the trees for playing games and one more table to place presents on.

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES: Once everyone arrived we all was seated and they sung happy birthday to me and we ate and talked. Then I opened my presents..letting each guest hand me the present they brought and pose for a picture with me. Then we all made our way to the game table and played several games such as cards, musical chairs, if you've ever, and other parlor-like games. Then we took pictures in a nearby field while we waited for people's parents to arrive.

COSTUMES: Every one was dressed in nice church clothes. I wore a white and pink trimmed tea dress, a pair of gloves that went to my elbow, and a tiara.

PARTY SNACKS AND CAKE: I served mini ham and cheese and peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pickle spears, carrots, grapes, and a cheese log with crackers. There were lots of pink cupcakes too. I had my own small personal cake that was pink and had the number 15 on the candles. Drinks included water and tea.

FAVORS: I found small white metal buckets at the dollar tree (3 for $1.00) and I filled them with hard candy and a small clear bottle of bubbles. Every one had a great time and is still talking about the party a year after..Hope this gave you some good ideas         

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