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Emily in London, UK


April 2012



I had a jewelry party last year for my 14th birthday. Everyone had lots of fun and the good thing was that they made jewelry that they could take home and they still wear it now, which is a nice reminder of the day :)

For invitations I just emailed everyone and didn’t get creative, though theres no reason why you shouldn't- maybe make an invitation with beads, or spell out the information in beads! I love jewellery and have a good collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

For decoration we simply hung a happy birthday sign- we didn't make too much effort on that subject, but then again you could make some lovely bunting with beads or have signs with beads. Before the party, my mum and I went to an amazing bead shop and bought all kinds of stuff- they give you the whole kit with pliers and a board and everything you need.

It is quite pricey but definitely worth it, especially because its easy and you can really be proud of your own jewelery- people were very impressed when my friend told them she'd made the earrings she was wearing! The dress code was just own clothes, but thinking about it, it woud've been

When guests arrived at around 3 on a Saturday, they went straight into the living room, where we'd set up a table with different colours and types of beads in old jam jars and little pots. We saved cereal boxes and cut them in half to make little trays and cut a square of felt for a lining. I had invited about 15 girls from school, and before we got started my mum did a tutorial for everyone. Then we all went around the table,choosing the beads we liked and deciding what types of jewelry we'd make.

You take the beads you want, and the elastic or earring base, and put it in the tray. It was a sunny day in April and we'd put picnic rugs outside, so when people had taken what they wanted, they made their way to the rugs and made the jewelry.

There was a table of crudites,drinks and crisps outside, and we helped ourselves while we chatted. After about an hour everyone had made at least two pieces of jewelery. From then on we played in the garden,competed on Just Dance for Wii and played pass the parcel, a timeless classic! We had tea, which was sandwiches, cupcakes, juice, vegetables, crisps, chocolates and more! Then I played music from my ipod on speakers in the garden and we gossiped, went on the trampoline, danced, had fun etc.

The cake was made by my mum, who makes the most amazing cakes every year. It was a jewelry box which was beautiful- basically a sponge cake with cream and jam and icing. Everyone took home their jewelry and a piece of cake as a 'favor'. It was a great party because it was original, relaxed but productive! I think some of my friends even discovered they had a talent for jewelry-making! I really recommend this party if you want to do something different that people will remember, and that will stand out from the usual.

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