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\*~Olivia~\* in Boston, MA,USA


March 2004


Special Mention

Water Park Sleepover - Wat's Up Everybody! Lots of Love from Boston!\*~\*! This year I'm turning 13 and I needed to come up with a wicked cool birthday party idea! So I decided to have a water park sleepover. I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to do. I hope my ideas help.

INVITATIONS -  Since there's lots of different things included I decided to make a brochure. I just opened a document and put it into three columns and then got lots of pictures off the internet and clip art pictures and arranged them to look really nice and I included all the basic info - who, what, where, when, what to bring, you know. I also said that the guests have to be on time or else we'll leave with out them( we dn't really, but trust me it makes them be on time and you don't waste any.)

THE PLAN - All my girls arrived at my house at 9:00 A.M. ( I know that sounds early but you'll find out why).As soon as everyone arrived, we packed into the car and headed of to Water Country which is this really cool water park located in New Hampshire. (If you don't live near there, there are lots of other water parks and thenme parks that aren't too expensive. In Virginia there's Water Country USA. There's Knottsbury farm in Aneheim, CA and if you look around you'll find TONS located close to you.) But anyways make sure you schedule your time wisely, so that you'll have lots of fun at your destination, not in the car. (That's why we have to leave at 9:00) So by 11:00 o'clock we arrived at Water Country. After entering, we rented one locker for valuables only( cell phones, wallets, jewlery). We're didn't put anything else in because we would have neede more than one locker, which would have ended up costing too much. Then we put our all our stuff in the same spot with my mom. And we were right next to one of the souveneir shops, so we could easily find out stuff. I think that was a really good idea.

Then we just went on all the rides and hung out until about 1:30 because we were hungry. We went back to my mom and she gave us lunch. Theb prices for anythinginside parks is totally outrageous, so we called previously and asked if we could bring food. They said yes but no glass. Calling ahead of time is a good idea just in cvase there is any info you didn't know or any questions you have. So the day before we made each girl a lunch packet. It included a sandwich, a bottle of water, a bag of chips and candy bar. All my frends thought that was a great idea. Then we went back to all the rides. At about 5:30, my mom tracked us down and said that we needed to go get change and aim to leave at about six o'clock  We went into the changing room and I told everybody to shower off, but not to blow dry their hair or put on make-up or anything. We got in the car and on the way home, we stopped at KFC for dinner, then we were back on the road.

We got home at roughly 7:30 and the girls were brought into our housse which was already decorated( see decorations) and ready for action. In each of the rooms of my house, it had a different theme. In my living room I had a bunch of mattresses and foam pads down to sleep on. In my kitchen I had two buffet tables filled with food( we put it out right after we got home). In my bathroom, I had a few candles lit and I put bath salts in my tub and had each girl put their feet in it for a few moments, then when they got out, another girl painted their toenails. We waited until everyone was done and then we wentout to the front room, which was set up with four different stations.

The first one was alll kinds of mud masks,  cucumbers, cleansers and homemade mixes. One of my favorites is called an apple mask. To make it you mix 1/2 a finely grated apple, 2 teaspoons honey and a tablespoon oatmeal in a bowl. THEN GENTLY PRESS IT ONTO YOUR FACE IN HANDFULS AND WAIT 10-15 MINUTES BEFORE RINSING IT OFF. iT WILL SOFTEN YOUR FACE. We tried those all out and hadv a ton of fun.

The second station was nails. I went around my house the day before and found all the nail polish I could. I put it all out with a pack of nail files I bouight and some  nail decals. Then I had all the girls get in pairs and one girl gave the other a manicure and then vice versa. They all loved that.

The third station was make-up. I got all my make-up, like lipstick, blush, everything, but not mascara and eyeliner. I asked my friends to bring their own,because sharing that can cause diseases. And we kept the same pairs from nails and had one gurl give the other a make-over and again vice versa. But make sure that you don't let the girl getting the make-over see until she's finished. :)

And the last station was of course… hair! I got all my straighteners, curlers, hot brushes, hair curlers, elastics, scrunchies, hair gel, head bands, everything! I also asked my guests to bring what ever they had. And yet again, we did the pair thing.

After becoming fully beautified, we went up to my room, which was filled with all kinds of activities including, board games, a strobe light, a camcorder, video games, books full of quizzes, teen magazines, you get the idea.We just hung out for a little while and then I announced that we were going ot have a dance contest. I had the girls come up with a list of twelve possible songs. Now here's the twist. Eavh team had to have the opposite team pick their song. Then they had  30 minutes to make up a routine and I had my mom judge on five catagories: Individuality, Variation of Moves, Coordination, Good Memorization, and  Emotion  and personality( are you happi?) That was sooo much fun. By this time it was about 9:30 so my mom said that we should have the cake and presents. We did and my cake was really cool.(see cake)

Then my mom said she was going to bed and that we should settle down.( As If!!!) But we decided to watch a movie anyways. We made popcorn and settled in.  We watched afunni movie first. Some good choices are Shanghai Nights, Scary Movie,Bring It On, Bringing Down the House, 40 Days and 40 Nights, American Pie 1,2, and Wedding, Uptown Girlz, Bruce Almighty and Chicago(that's not really funny. But sort of).  Some other good scary movies are the Hauntings, The Ring, Jaws, Jurrasic Park 2 and the Skulls. We watched two movies and we were kind of tired by then and we just talked for a while and then we went to sleep. We also had the usual truth or dare, pillow fights and popcorn fights thrown in their too. The next morning when we got up we had muffins ( Go Muffins!) and I gave out my favors. Then even though we had just been at a water park  the day before, we went to my community pool and swam. Then at around six, everyone went home.

THE FOOD - For lunch and dinner of the first day refer to Part One. Then for snacks on the buffet table we had BBQ Poatao Chips, Sour Cream and Onion Chips,  Regular Chips, A cheescake I baked, Brownies,  Ice cream shapes~~~which are made really easily. All you do is by a box of any kind of ice cream. Then you take off all the wrapping so all you have isa block of ice cream. You slice it up and you use a cookie cutter to get individually shaped ice cream!~~~, All types of soda, chocolate chip cookies, a fruit platter, with dip, ice cream sandwiches and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.

THE CAKE - I had such a cool cake - and my mom made it! Here's what you do to have the same exact one. Just back a regular cake, any size you want but make sure it's a rectangle. Then buy blue frosting and white and mix it to get a turquoisey color and cover the cake. Then take graham crackers and cover them in white frosting and sprinkles and put them on top of a marshmallow at an angle so it looks like a water slide. Make as many of them as you want. Also, you can add Pure bluw swirls to look like waves. Be creative!

THE COST - My Party probably sounds REALLY expensive, but it wasn't really that bad. It wasn't cheap either, but…  To go to the water park I went to it was $24 per person - I had 5 guest plus my mom which is 7 people total (me) which is 170 + food, $80, + favors $20,plus all the other little things, which comes out to roughly $300. But you can easily find little ways around some of the costs.

FAVORS - I had a really great idea for favors. I bought empty jars from a craft store and wrote each of the girls names on them in a nice marker pen. Then I wwent to the candy store and I bought different colored small candy - e.i. blue m&m's, red skittles, look around and see what you find. Then I layered the jars with different colors of candy - it looked really cool and everyone loved them.

DECORATIONS -  For decorations, I just took all the gurly things put of my room and put them downstairs. Like all mi pillows, blankets, throw rugs, pictures, perfume and posters. It looked so totalli cool! So I hope that all my ideas have helped you guys out there! \*~~~Olivia~~~\*

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