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Sarah in Denver, CO, USA


June 2003


Special Mention

For my 13th birthday, I have to do something fun something I haven't already done about a million times (that rules out pool party) and something everyone hasn't already been to. So, with help from my mom and your website, I came up with the following ideas. Everything can be done at any home (trust me, if I can do it in my small house, any one can do it anywhere!) and it is very inexpensive.

1: GUESTS ARRIVE: Guests can start arriving at 6:30 PM. Order pizza ahead of time, so it will still be hot when everyone finally gets there. You can eat from 6:30 - 7, leaving plenty of time for more fun.

2: MAGAZINE HUNT: 7:00 - 7:20 No, you don't go around and look for magazines. Have everyone get into pairs of two - if there's an uneven number, it would be polite of you to sit out instead of asking your guests to. Ahead of time, make a list of things you see in most fashion magazines. About 5 things will do. Then, hand out a couple of magazines to each pair and a list. Give them 15 minutes to find the things on the list. Give prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. 

3: CAKE & PRESENTS: 7:20 - 8:00 Now, it's time for a cake. Make or order whatever kind you want, just make sure there's enough for everyone (and maybe a little more for you to sneak the next couple of days!). As everyone is finishing up their cake, you can start to open the presents. Make sure you remember who gave what, so you have an easy time making out thank you cards. 

4: DANCE, BABY, DANCE: 8:00 - 9:00 Now head out side for a evening of dancing. Now, realize that you don't have to have guys to dance. You can get in pairs (once again, if it's uneven, you can be a dancing judge or help mom prepare for whatever comes next) and see who can come up with the best moves. I have a very small yard, so I asked my neighbor if I could use his (it's huge!). I strung lights up on the trees so the 'dance floor' was brightly and colorfully lit up. 

5: YAWN, YAWN: 9:00 - 9:15 By now your guests are a little tired, so let them wind down and get a little shut eye. Give 15 minutes for pajama's, face washing, tooth brushing, and sleeping bag set-up. Remember to share the bathroom, girls can get pushy when fashion calls!

6: HOME THEATRE: 9:15 - 11:00 Now, pop in a favorite chick flick and settle down with some pop corn. Let guests know that it's time to settle down and be quieter. 

7: LIGHTS OUT: 11:00 Make sure your guests know when lights out time is, and when enough is enough. Let them know whether or not pranks are okay and what your mom and dad expect. Make sure everyone knows where the bathroom is and where your parents room is if there's an emergency.

8: MORNIN' Y'ALL: 8:00 - 9:00 Wake up earlier and help your parents set up a breakfast buffet. That way, your guests can wake up and serve those growling stomachs, and not have to wait for everyone else to wake up. Within that time, let the guests get dressed and freshened up. 

9: FLIP-FLOPS: 9:00- 9:30 Now that everybody's up and ready to go, have some white flip-flops and decorations (Michael's - colored permanate markers, jewels, fluff balls, and sequens) at hand. Every one can decorate there own sandals to take home! 

10: STATIONS: 9:30 - 10:30 Put on your glamorous flip-flops and get ready to go. Have stations three stations set up in the drive-way or porch. Manicure, pedicure and make over. Have your guests come with their favorite make up and nail polish (make sure names are on everything so that they know who's is who's). Give 20 minutes per station, that should be plenty of time.

11: PIÑATA: 10:30 - 11:00 Have a fun, girly piñata at hand filled with candy, lip gloss, and different, fun make up and hair products. Let everyone have a swing, but divide products evenly when finished so no one feels left out. When your done with that, let everyone gather their things together.

Here's a simple list to make things go more smoothly: Roll up sleeping bags; don't let anyone leave without the biggest thing they brought! Collect clothes; if you don't know whose they are, make a lost and found pile right by the door. Collect prizes; hey, they won 'em, they can keep 'em! Collect personal items; make sure everyone has their own toothbrush, brush, soap, ect. Clean up; Just because it's your party, doesn't mean you get to clean everything up. Have guests clean off their area, help put furniture back in place, clean up streamers and balloons, and offer mom help with the dishes. By then, parents should be arriving.

Remember to say thank you for coming, remember, it's not a party with out them! Other things that could make your party easier for both you and mom are: - Buy disposable plates, napkins, forks, spoons, and cups. - Leave your guests right before the end of an activity to help set up the next one, mom shouldn't do everything and your guests shouldn't mind. - Clean up at the end of each activity to help smooth transitions.  - Invite your friends.

I hear a lot about: Don't invite people who won't get along. Well, if they're really your friend, they'll make their best effort to get along with one another, or avoid each other to make less of a chance for fighting. They need to respect you - it is your party! If a cat fight does occur, be calm and sort it out. There's no need to make a big fuss, unless someone could get seriously hurt, in which case, you should get your parents immediately. - Put colorful and noticable signs on any rooms that are off limits, other than for an emergency or with your permission.

Put signs inditcating the common bathrooms, just in case.  - Make sure you spend time with every guest - don't leave anyone out and try to cheer someone up if you see that they're alone or having a bad time. - If one activity ends sooner than planned, don't worry. There's always the quick, portable game of truth, dare, double-dare, promise or repeat. If you don't want to do that, just sit and talk about the first thing that comes to mind. Girls can get going pretty quick.   Well, have a fun party and I hope you got some ideas from mine!

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