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Lexi in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA


July 2008


Honorable Mention

The Clique is a best selling book series by Lisi Harrison. It's popular with teens and preteens. If you have a family member who loves the series, why not make it into a party for them? Keep an eye out for the movie, it's supposed to come out this year (2008). If it's out while you're planning your party, see if you can get your guests to the theater.

INVITATIONS: On the covers of every Clique book there are pictures of the characters, though not many people know who's who in the photos. A good idea is to photocopy the cover of one of the books (a good choice would be the first book) and in place of the title, write or type you're invited If you can't copy the cover, you'll be able to find pictures of it online. Attach what you copied or printed of the cover to a piece of the birthday girl's favorite color construction paper folded in half hamburger style. Fill the inside of the card with a few pieces of white paper. Make the first page say THE CLIQUE in a fancy font. Have the next page say to a Clique party! you can ask each guest to dress up as a different Clique member, or choose their favorite to dress up as. Come to the Block Estate, (your address) and be there at (time) o'clock to celebrate (birthday girl's name) Lisi's Birthday (example) RSVP: 123456 Put some of the Clique girls phrases on the invites too. The Clique motto is The only thing harder then getting in is staying in. ON the invite you could change that. For instance: Remember: The only thing harder then getting to the paty is leaving. 

DECORATIONS: Put girly colored balloons and streamers all over the party area. Put the Clique books throughout the party area, along with some fashionable accessories and clothing. It doesn't have to be as expensive as what the girls buy in the novel. The party can be a sleepover. Girls who like the series are at the age for sleepovers. If it's a sleepover, or it's supposed to look like one, also put pillows and sleeping bags around the room. The area should have a lot of space. Face it, you can do anything!

GAMES & ACTIVITIES: Have the girls show of their character look-alike outfits in a fashion show. Have the quests model their outfits as more people arrive. Also play board games and classic sleepover games. You can let the girls read aloud parts of the book, too.

Here are some more games: FASHION RELAY: Divide the quests into two teams. Every three feet from the starting line, there should be a set of accessories. On GO! the girls have to get into the first set of accessories, model them, and move onto the next set. The next girl in line does the same, and so on. The first team to finish wins.

ACTING UP: Have the girls act out scenes in the story. You can film it, and watch it later.

SHOPPING SPREE: Give the girls monopoly money to let them spend on clothes and accessories you'll sell at home. Better yet, take them to a real mall to spend their own money or money you give them.

PHOTO SHOOT: Have a photo shoot and develop the pictures for the girls to look at later. Put photos in their favor bags. Let them be whatever they want at the photo shoot. Have music and dancing for more entertainment.

CHARACTER CHARADES: Have one girl write a journal entry from a character's point of view, or recite one. The other girls have to guess the character  she is. Have girls autograph shirts, pillowcases, or other keepsake favors. Gove each other makeovers, watch a movie (like Mean Girls), and pig out on snacks. Take note on the girl's personalities in the book, write down a few personality questions, each answer relating to Claire, Massie, Dylan, Kristen, and Alicia. The girls can see who they're like most. Here's an example you may use.     In you're group of friends you're the A.Leader (Massie) B.The good looking one- almost the leader (Alicia) C.Friends? I want friends! (Claire) D.Sporty one (Kristen) E.One who wants to keep up her image (Ddon't put the character's name in parentheses, you want the girls to be surprised at who they are. You could also put a quiz in the invite, determining who the girls will dress up as.

CAKE: The novel covers are usually designed with crosses, squares, plaid, or something fancy. Do the same cover background of the birthday girl's favorite Clique book. You can do this with different colored icing. The photo of the girls on that cover can be placed on, or made edible. If it's just placed on, remove it when someone wants to eat that party of the cake. For the title it can say the novel's real title and or Happy Birthday (girl's name) or another birthday message.

FAVORS: you can give the girls a Clique book, a small amounted bookstore gift card, Clique bookmarks (might have to be home made) Make-up, accessories, disposable cameras, pictures, autographed keepsakes, stationary, and the memory of a great time. You don't have to give all of this, but hopefully you'll give the last one!

THANK YOU NOTES: Can be designed like the invites, but just with a different message.                 

Have a fun Clique Party!

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