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Julia in Shreveport, LA, USA


March 2008



Hey! Im Julia!  I am turning 13 this month and I am soooo excited...since im gonna b a teenager i new this parT should b HUGE!!!  I had it narrowed down to like 4 different things...1)camping 2)hotel 3)spa 4)homemade hotel...but i decided we would 4get about the hotel idea and save it for when i turn 16! 

So i mixed the other 2 ideas together and i got camping that didnt sound right...when i think of camping, i think of country people and when i think of country people i think of rednecks...PERFECT!!! my parents and i agreed to have a redneck spa party!!!   

INVITATIONS:  I found some camouflage paper at Paper Shack so I just went and got some dark-green cardstock too. I went home to my computer and I typed Yall better be up fer some fun cause you're invited to NAME's redneck spa party!!! This'll be a sleepover at Lake Claiborne with my clursest friends!!! Make sure to bring a piller and a blanket so you'll be nice and wawrm! Yall are gonna be treated to a mix between text tlk and redneckness anyway I hope yall can come!!! Luv then glued the paper to the cardstock and folded it in half and wrote "Ur invited 2 NAME's AGEth Birthday Party!!!" on the front.    

DECORATIONS: We havn't really planned any decorations yet we figure the outdoors would be enough!!!    

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: make sure you go to walmart or something and get a roll of tickets We'll play Truth or Dare and every time you do a dare you get a ticket. We'll go fishing and the number of fish you catch is the # of tickets u will get! 

PUDDING EATING CONTEST- You will need: to cut a hole at the top of some trash bags so you can stick your head through it so that u don’t get pudding on your clothes pudding a tub of whipped cream paper plates dump one container of pudding onto the paper plate and put a little whipped cream on top. Make sure everyone has a trash bag over their clothes. Tell everyone to hold their hands behind their backs and say "123 eat that puddin" everyone shoves their face into the pudding and whoever finishes first wins a ticket but that’s only half of it. 

For the spa part we'll be assigned a partner and that team has to choose between giving eachother:

1) blind makeover including hair

2) a good makeover including hair

3) 15 minute back massage or

4) give them a 10 min. foot massage when it gets dark we'll roast smores.    

SNACKS: For the snacks you can choose just about anything you like for example: Chips candy grahm crackers ice cream etc. and for drinks you can have rootbeer coke Dr. Pepper sprite and water.    

CAKE: I'm going to get my mom to take a pic of me in camouflage with rollers I my hair in rollers and slippers on with a nail file in 1 hand and a box of toothpicks in the other and take it to a bakery and have my pic put on a cake with dark green light green light brown and dark brown in the back ground that says Red Neck Spa Party on the top above the pic.    

FAVORS: if you win 50 tickets or overyou get your choice of a 20$ gift card to Claires and a spa kit if you win 30-49 tickets you get a 15$ gift card to Claires or the 1 the other winner turned down  if you win 20-39 tickets you get a 10$ gift card go Claires or the 1 the other winner turned down if you get under 20 tickets you get the 1 the others turned down.

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