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Kristy in Quincy, Georgia, USA


November 2007



My birthday is a couple months away and it is my 13th birthday so I want it to be really special. I literally had dozens of ideas and it was so hard to pick, so I finally settled on a mix n' match party. I call it a mix n' match party because we're going to do a little of everything.

INVITES: The invites are going to be black with pink words and flowers. I'll put in basic information like place and time and invite  about 5 people.

ARRIVAL: We'll meet at the mall and none of my guests will have any idea what we are going to do.  They can bring money if they want but they probably won't need it. I'll bring a camera to take pictures throughout the party.

ACTIVITIES: First, we'll to Limited Too or Old Navy and each get a T-shirt. Then, we'll break up into two teams for a mall scavenger hunt. We buy things like earrings and lip-gloss with $10 per team. We'll have 30 minutes and my mom will watch one team and my dad'll watch the other. After that, we will all get mani-pedis and get our hair washed and highlighted or low lighted. Then, the team that won the scavenger hunt will pick a movie to rent. One we get to my house, we'll have a magazine scavenger hunt (same teams). The winners get to be in line first for the food.

FOOD: Finally, we will all eat some food. We'll eat pizza (duh) and shrimp (I LOVE shrimp) and watch whatever movie we picked. During the movie my parents will get the pictures developed, and we'll make scrapbooks. Lastly, we're going to cut the cake, open the gifts, and take the guests home.

GOODIE BAGS: For goodie bags, we'll put in a small stuffed animal, a pack of gum, a candy bar, a scrapbook, and one or two items from the scavenger hunt. If there isn't enough for everyone to get two, I'll just keep the extras. We'll decorate plain white bags and put them on the table, stapled shut. Then as our guests leave, they can randomly choose a bag so everything is fair. It'll be really cool because everyone will get someone else's scrapbook.

EXTRA INFO: My theme colors are pink and black, so my balloons will be pink and black. I'm also getting one big singing balloon. My plates are going to be pink, but my napkins and cups will be black. This whole party will cost about $300 but it's so going to be worth it. Plus, before you do anything, call all the parents and tell them exactly what we're going to do, especially the highlights part. Anyway, I hope I could help and your party (as well as mine) is tons of fun!

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