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Little Mermaid Party -13yr- Cookie Cake




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TJ in Fargo, ND USA


October 2007



For my 13th birthday party, I decided to have my theme be The Little Mermaid. I am still a little girl at heart, so it was no shocker to my mom when I picked my all time favorite movie for the theme. 

INVITATIONS: For the invites, I made a CD that had all of the songs from The Little Mermaid on it. I made the CD case look like a beach, with blimps carrying all of the information for my party. I had taken pictures *full body* of my guests at school, and photoshopped a swimsuit on to each picture. I put that on each CD case. I invited 7 of my closest friends (not including me) to come to the party and sleepover.

VENUE: I decided to have my party at a local Holiday Inn. It has a shipwreck slide that is very fun to play on, even  for big kids. Our room was poolside, so we had easy access to the pool. We had two adjoining rooms, one for my mom and the other for us teenagers.

TRANSPORTATION: I will be picking my friends up directly after school.

DECORATIONS: We decorated our hotel room very simply, yet it was fun. We bought lots of Tropical Fish Balloons that looked very cool. We put blue-green streamers to represent the ocean and sandpaper to represent land on the walls. Also, we put movie posters on the dressers and such. We had life size cut outs of Ariel and Eric for purposes that you will find out later. We also had a professional photographer take pictures of me and had them blown up. My favorites were put on the walls, but all were put on a slide that played all night long.

FOOD: Instead of cake, I had a giant cookie made in to the shape of a fish made at Mrs. Field's. Instead of a buffet, we had a Tiki Bar. We had Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Daquiris and Pina Coladas. YUMMY! Also, we had tropical punch and (for those willing to try it) Salt Water. Guests that drank a whole glass of it got a prize. For food, we had the following: Anchoive Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Tuna Fish Sandwiches, Fruits and Vegetables, Hamburgers and plenty of candy.


#1: Of course, we splent a lot of time swimming.

#2: With the life size cutouts of Eric and Ariel, we dressed them up. We split in to two even groups and used our own clothes. Each group got an Ariel and an Eric. Whoever dressed up the pair better got a 1 minute head start to the Treasure Hunt.

#3: We had, as mentioned before, a Treasure Hunt. I hid a Treasure Chest stuffed with prizes somewhere around the hotel (I checked with the front desk first to make sure that it was ok). We split into the same groups as before. I had my mom make the clues for the hunt so I could participate.

#4: Of course, we watched The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid 2.

#5: We had a fashion show with the following categories: Swimsuits, Formal and Casual. And like America's Most Smartest Model, we had to answer questions as we walked the runway. My mom was taking pictures as we walked, and some of them were pretty funny.

#6: We played normal activities, such as Truth or Dare. We also did Manicure/ Pedicures, Facials, Etc…

COSTUME(BIRTHDAY GIRL 0NLY): I bought temporary hair dye (bright red) to make my hair like Ariel's. I also purchased an inexpensive mermaid costume. It was a hit!

GIFTBAGS: A copy of The Little Mermaid, a seashell necklace, assorted candy, a shell coin purse and a giftcard to get an Aqua Massage at our mall.

OVERALL PRICE: Very spendy ($450!!), but well worth it. My friends and I are still talking about it.

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