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January 2012


Honorable Mention

If you're like me and you can't afford a trip around the world, maybe a party at your house with a few friends spending the night would work. This can be EXTREMELY fun!! 

INVITATIONS: I found some cute invitations that said party on the front in multicolored bubble letters with a touch of glitter. As soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect. I had 6 people come and 2 were sleeping over. I made sure the sleepover part was kept a secret so no feelings were hurt.

DECORATIONS: I had a low budget so I only had my favors on display, (I'll get to that)and the kitchen table where we were eating was fancied up (namecards, candles, china ect.) you can have other decorations if you wish but I really didn't think they were needed. 

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES: M&M game: Sit in a circle with a giant bag of M&Ms (skittles or any other small candy that comes in many different colors would work) One person grabs two candies without looking, If they are the same color they get to chew it and swallow, but if they are different colors they must keep the two M&Ms in their mouth WITHOUT CHEWING OR SUCKING THEM! They keep drawing untill they get two of the same colors so that they can gulp it all down at once.

EGG GAMES: This was a hit and everyone loved this game SOOOOOO much. It is hilarious!!! My mom boiled an egg for each person except for one (Or at least that is what she was told to do lol!!!) She passes out eggs and on three we all smashed it on our forehead hoping that it is hardboiled so it won't get everywhere. One person got the egg that was raw but one of my friends didn't crack hers yet. She was really nervous but my mom was like Look she already got the raw egg" Finally my friend cracked it on her forehead and IT WAS ALSO RAW!!!! We were cracking up!!!

Finally once we all calmed down we plyed the whipped cream game. This was definitely the most fun game we had played!!! We stuck three m&m's into a mound of whipped cream for each guest. On three we would try to grab all the m&m's with our mouths. We ended up being covered in whipped cream!!! 

Frozen Tshirts: Before the party we froze some tshirts  the first person to unfold the shirt (it was all stuck together!!) and put it on was the winner!!! Quiz: I made some questions about me and whoever did the best on the quiz got first pick to a bucket of prizes (I found dollar toys @ Micheal's that were really cool like a GIANT clothespin rocket balloons flarp putty slinkies ect.) then 2nd place could pick and so on. 

Pirate ship: This is hard to explain without showing you visually. Basically the captain calls commands and you have to do what he says, but when he says "All hands on deck" you need to salute and say "aye aye captain" you can't do anything else untill he says hands down if you do YOU'RE OUT!

He calls commands like Jellyfish: lie on your back and wiggle your arms and feet in the air "Love boat" Grab a partner an dance with her whoever has no partner is out. "Scrub the deck" Get on your hands and knees and pretend to be scrubbing the deck with your hand. "Hit the deck" lie flat on the floor. "3 men in a boat" (could be any #) Must get into groups of that # and sit down to sing row row row your boat. Odd one out is well out! "Shark attack" hop on one foot.Whoever is the last one still in wins and gets to be the captain. This gives you a great workout! 

Dating game: We played this over and over again!!! It was so addicting! Three ppl are the bachlorettes and one person is the bachlor. The bachlor leaves the room and we think of weird qwerks to give the bachlorettes (ex. Obsessed with chettos) Then the bachelor would come back in and ask questions. The bachlorettes would have to answer it according to her qwerk (ex Q: Where would ya go on ur first date? A: I would take you to the zoo to see the cheatas)The bachelor has to guess what qwerk each person has

Wax museum: One person is it. Get in a pose. "It" walks around the room. Everyone else tries to change poses when she is not looking. If she sees you you are out. Once everyone who wasn't sleeping over left we talked for hours untill about 2 or 3am. My brother had pranked us putting a picture of spongebob behind a chair. In the dark it looked like a man because you could barely make out his eyes and smile One by one we all left the room to go to the bathroom. I went first and gasped but didn't tell anyone why. Then later my other friend needed to go and yelled "oh gosh!" Really loud. My third friend was still oblivious to why we got scared. Finnally she had to go to the bathroom. She screamed REALLY loud and breathed REALLY fast it was hilarious!!!

COSTUMES: I gave them all a fake moustache to wear (hilarious!) when they walked into the door!

Party snacks: We mainly just had our leftovers from dinner M&m's lollypops carrots cherry tomatoes and popcorn. Our dinner was awesome. I gave them a menu but none of the names were familiar to them they all were in code!!! They had to order food without knowing what they would get! They were each in code and related to the actual name of the food;  here's the key to the menu that I gave them: Dinosaur chicken nuggets: tasty tyrants Mini mob maker: fork Dr. Peppah: pediatricians spice Rat bait: CHEESE Rat bait alla arm hinge: macaroni and cheese Small surrender sign: white napkin Liquid vacuum: straw Pointed moo: cheese pizza Pointed moo with chicken pox: pepperoni pizza Polly’s delight: cracker Farmer’s Friend: water Skinny leprechauns: green beans Lots wife: salt That's just a few. After they could go into the "buffet" or kitchen to eat what they wanted to by sight.

Cake: We had cheesecake instead of real cake. We also got candles that spelled Happy birthday because it had 13 letters (my age) I recommend regular candles cuz the wax melted onto the cake until there was only a stick left and all the candles were out. This happened before we finished singing happy birthday, but we got a lot of laughs out of it.  Favors: We found some cute stuffed animals where the profit was donated to charity. They each got to pick between a bear, duck, lamb, or kangaroo. They each came with a HUGE chocolate bar that was only about $1.  This party may have been the best party I have ever had. I hope you guys are as happy with your party as I was with mine. Thanks for reading!!!!"

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