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March 2011



My birthday isnt for a while, but today I was just sitting in my room, and I decided to plan out my 14th birthday party!   ok, so here's how it is: Its a strictly MUSIC-themed party.. I have always been obsessed with music, and my friends are all very into music, too. So I thought this would be a fun idea. (:  At my age, everyone is always stressing over the fact that most of the time, they cant honestly express their true self" without being judged. I wanted to incorporate some way of "truly expressing yourself in the way that you always have wanted to without being judged" into my party. I thought of a great idea.

As for myself Ive always been a secret total "punk rocker". (: I listen to punk rock music and Im obsessed with bands like Green Day and Blink 182.   Ive always wished that I could wear clothes to express this side of me to school or out in public. But I know that I cant because Im always around my friends who are girly and sporty and preppy- Which I am too- but they just dont seem to be the type of people who would ever show up at school in black skinny jeans a studded belt and heavy eyeliner like I would(if i could).  

So anyways this is how it goes:  

INVITATION: I will be inviting just my closest of friends (about 11 girls) for a sleepover at my house. The invitations will be hand made by me and will be my fav colors: blue black and green! they will have music notes all over them with bows too(: On the back it will explain the costume requirement in details so my guests wont be confused! 

DECORATIONS: music notes everywhere! my favorite colors are blue green and black so there will be streamers of those colors all over! 

ACTIVITIES: Blast the music all night! When everyone is ready to go to bed watch a music-related movie such as August Rush or Raise Your Voice. Just chill out eat play truth or dare tell secrets and laugh a ton! 

GAMES:  As for games there will be a point system. Every time a person or team wins one of the games they can earn up to 4 points. At the end of the night each person will add up their points. Anyone who has earned 8 points or more recieves a $5 iTunes gift card as a reward. 

Song-guessing game: I start to play a song on my ipod and the first person who shouts out the name of the song earns 2 points. If she can also name the artist she earns an extra point. 

Capture the flag game: Play the regular capture the flag game. Each person on the winning team earns 2 points. 

Team Balloon game: Split up into teams of 2. The partners of each team help eachother keep the balloon from hitting the ground. Players are NOT allowed to use their hands/arms. The team that keeps the balloon up the longest earns 4 points. (2 points per person.) 

Fact challenge game: I will ask my guests personal questions about myself and the first one to answer the question earns 2 points.  For extra points little black music notes will be hidden around my house. Each one is worth one point. Anyone who finds them earns one point for each 

COSTUMES: The guest will all be required to wear an outfit that represents their favorite genre of music.  Examples of this: If your favorite genre of music is rock then you wear stuff like black skinny jeans studs lots of eyeliner and rocker boots (that will be me;) If your fav music is country then you wear a cowboy hat cowboy boots faded jeans ect. If your fav music is rap then you wear baggy sweats sweatshirts side ways hats and skater shoes if your fav music is pop then you wear bright colors heels and fashion-like items lots of jewelry ect. (: So that’s that. 

PARTY SNACKS: Simply order pizza and have out stuff such as chips and dip fruits and sodas.  CAKE: I personally think cake is disgusting. So instead Im choosing to have everyone make rootbeer floats.. Its more entertaining anyways! 

FAVORS: favor bag includes one bottle of neon nail polish candy and a glow in the dark bracelet.  Hope my ideas helped all of you music-lovers! (:  Im so excited for my birthday now!

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