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Miscellaneous Teen Party


Julia in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


April 2006


Honorable Mention

My thirteenth birthday was coming up and I was so excited. I had a wonderful idea of what to do! My idea? An astrology party! This would be a very sophisticated and fun party that all my friends would love!

Invitations: For the invitations, I went to the local dollar store. This is a very good place to buy supplies. I bought some colored pieces of bristle board and traced my hand out six times on them ( there were six girls coming to the party). Then, on the fingers of the hands, I wrote all the important information ( who, when, where, what). Then, on the palm of the hand, I used glitter and sequence to decorate a very sparkly card. I hand mailed them because I did not want them to get ruined. 

Decor: The decor for my party was fantastic. I used magazines from the month of my party ( which was October) and cut them out. Such magazines were Teen People, M Magazine, J-14. I cut out the horoscopes. I also went on the internet to different astrology sites and and gathered some more information.

Then, I set up each astrological sign on it's separate piece of bristle board ( example; scorpio info on one board, virgo on another). I put these boards up all over my house. Then, using your local dollar or department store, I bought glow in the dark moons and stars to stick onto the ceiling. This way, when we were sleeping, it was like we were lying under the stars.

I cut out some stars and moon also and hung them from the ceiling. Black and Yellow streemers were hung all over as well as well as black and yellow balloons. 

The Party: Before the party, I had found out which astrological sign my friends were. Then, I had gotten some info about the characteristics of each astrological sign ( example: Scorpio was helpful and smart, Virgo was shy and creative).

When the guests arrived, we all ate first. Before they sat down, we all walked around the table and read the little card which were at each placing. Each of these cards had a characteristic on them. We found which card we though matched our personalities and sat down there. When we were all seated, we flipped over the cards and saw if we matched ourselves right. All of the girls loved this little game.

For dinner we had fish ( which was the astrological symbol for pieces) and frenchfries. We also had hot dogs and hamburgers.

After that, we all went around the house and read about our horoscopes for that month/year.

Then we went on a scavenger hunt. We had to find items like fish, scorpion, scales, twins, lions, all the astrological symbols. Whoever won got a necklace with stars and moons on it.

The next activity was palm reading. Before the party, my mom and I had found some information on the different lines of your hands. Me and my friends gathered in a comfly corner and tried to tell the future with our hands. We all had so much fun doing this.

The next activity was shawl making. My mom and me had gone to Michaels ( or any other local craft store) and bought some thin material. We had cut them into strips like shawls. Then, we used glitter( you can buy this from any dollar or craft store). The girls all enjoyed this. We left the shawls to dry overnight. Next was some cool astrology trivia. My mom and dad got the information from books and the internet. The winner of the trivia won a spa care package.

Then, we watched movies, such as SuperStar, and other funny movies with the word stars, or luck in them. We ate chips, pop, popcorn, and candy. We all had so much fun and at 2am we fell asleep!!

In the morning, we had smiley face breakfast. These were eggs for the eges, strawberry noses, and bacon mouths. There were also pancakes, waffles, more fruit, and toast.

Each girl was given a gift basket which had braclets, make up, jewlery, candy, and a bunch of other things that I got from the dollar store. These baskets can range in prices depending on what you would like to put in them! The girls got their shawls and went home. We all had a super fun time and they still talk about the party!!

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