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Ellie in County Durham, UK


August 2006


Special Mention

For my 14th birthday , i am planning on having a pink & silver themed party. So, here i go!

Invites\ I am going to get some shiney silver card, you know, the really thick stuff, and fold it in half. I will cut out a slightly smaller piece of pink paper and glue that to the front. I will then cut out pictures of teddy bears, sweets/candy,Pj's, Dressing gowns, and other sleepover realated pictures from magazines that suit each of my friends personalities and glue them on to the pink paper.They will each have their own hand made invite. I will type the actual information up on the computer, in a fancy print. It will tell my mates ( I am only planning on inviting 4 of my best friends) the important information about my party, and also telling them to bring some CD's,  Their make-up bag & hair stuff, some magazines and some money to shop.

I will then print that out on some light pink paper and stick it to the inside of the card. I will then sprinkle some silver star  confetti intothe invite. The envelopes will be light pink, and I will cut out letters from magazines and spell their name on the front. Then I will simply hand them out after school, because I don't  want to hurtanyone's feelings that havn't been invited. If someone is upset about not reciving an invite, I will ask them to do something with me another weekend, like go shopping or something.  That always helps if anyone is upset

Decorations\ As the theme is pink & silver, I will have pink & siver decorations. We will be sleeping in my bedroom, which is actually pink & white! I will  have pink &silver streamers around the house, and also pink & silver balloons tied to my gate, trampoline, trees, and just around the house. I will also have a long table for snacks & things outside  my bedroom (My house is pretty big, so it won't be in the way) with a pink table cloth & a few balloons. I will clean outb my bedroom the day before. I am going to go to someplace like Au naturel  and buy a few cheap pink cushions for my room. I will then place them on my double bed, along with a pink silk throw that I got for christmas.

This will be a gossiping/waiting area corner while we  are doing thespa.  I am also going to put a few strands of fairy lights around my windows, for a girly look. Another idea of mine is to get one of those beaded curtains for your door in light pink  (You can get all of the decorations real cheap frop a party shop) This will be a kind of bedroom makeover. I also have a cd player & a TV with a DVD player in my room for movies and dancing.

The Party\ As my party will be in half terem ( that's when my birthday is) it doesn't matter what we do. I am going to have my friends dropped off at my house at about 10:30 in the morning. We will go on the trampoline for a bit, and just mess about. Then at about 11:45, we will get in the car and drive to the Shopping Center (The one I live near is one of the biggest in europe) When we arrive, I will give each of my guests a pink envelope with £20 in it. The £20 is for something later. My dad who is going to be taking us will go and shop on his own  (he is always complaining that he never gets to shop on his own!0, while we go and get lunch at starbucks of somewhere.

We will then go and shop ( This is why I asked them to bring money) for what ever they want. We will then go to the bear factory! I know that I will be 14, but we all love the bear factory! They can use the £20 to build a bear, and if they want they can buy it clothes with their own money. Then we will shop for another hour ( the shopping center is huge!) before checking back in with my dad. When we get to my house, we will hanga about outside, on the trampoline and in the pool ( I will tell them on the invite to bring a bikini)  Then we will go up to my bedroom and start the spa. We will to manicures, pedicures,facials, hair and make-up ( this is why I will tell them to bring hair and make-up things!) The American Girl Skin and Hair Book is helpful for this.

While people are waiting to be pampered, or when they have been, they can chill out on my bed with the cushions and read magazines (If my guests bring some, we will have loads!) They can also listen to their ipods or whatever, and eat the candy in the bags. When the spa is done, we will have  dinner (See food section) Then we will go on the trampoline, play ping pong, & play frisbee with my dog!I am also going to buy a load of party poppers & silly string! We will then go & have cake  (see food) and have drinks. I think then we will have a dance off in groups, as we did this at my friends sleepover and it was really funny! I will record this on my camera so we can watch it the next morning after we have had breakfast (see food)The winners will reseve a plastic tiara and a feather bowa.

For movies, I am think chick flicks : The princess diaries, 13 going on 30,mean girls etc. We will also have the small, pink popcorn maker in my room, and drinks.During the movie I will slip away and put a small, pink tulle bag with a label printed out on the computer with their name on. This will be filled with candy that you can get really cheaply around the necks of their bears. This will be a midnight feast.The next morning we will have breakfast and watch the tape of the  dance-off. We might then go for another swim, and just  hang out untill they get picked up at about 12:00. I will then hand out goody bags as they are leaving. The goody bags will be a pink make-up bag, containing: a pink journal, candy,a charm braclet & some small make-up items. We will take a lot of photos during the party, so I will turn a group photo into a thank-you note on light pink paper. This will be mailed to them in a light pink envelope. I will also put some silver confetti in them, like the invites

Clothes/Make-up Look\ When my guest's arrive, and when we are shopping, my look will be casual. I will wear tight jeans & a white vest top. Then I will put on my light pink juicy couture hooded top, and pink & silver K-Swiss Trainers. My bikini is a pink juicy couture one.I will provide all of my guests with a light pink vest top for the spa. I want it to be like a proper spa, so I thought that this would be a good idea. You can get them real cheap from somewhere like primark. We can wear them with PJ bottoms.  I will wear my light pink PJ bottoms with pink dogs on, keeping to the whole pink theme. As we will be doing spa/makeovers later, I will just wear a bit of tinted moiseturizer & lipgloss. I like to  have straight hair, so I will straighten it and wear a light pink alice band. Jewelry: I will wear a silver chain with a Juicy Couture charm on it.

Food\ When my guests arrive, I will great them with a glass of coke or lemonade. I will add a lemon slice to these, and a little paper umbrella's. For lunch, we will get something at the shopping center. For dinner, we will have pizza & chips &  salad.Drinks will be milkshakes, lemonade, coke & juice. My cake will be a sponge with cream & jam inside. It will be decorated in pink icing and those little silver balls you can getb to put on cakes. For the snacks table, I will have crisps,giant cookies, sweets & strawberries and cream. I will have drinks and glasses there too. The popcorn maker will be in my bedroom, and I will have sugar, salt and butter, aswell as little pink paper cups for each guest to have their popcorn in on the snack table.

Thanks\ I am really looking forward to my party. I hope that this idea helps you, and that if you decide to use it as your party idea I hope that you have a good time. All of the supplies can be purchased cheaply from party stores. Good Luck and Thank You!

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