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Melissa in Keller, TX USA


March 2011



My daughter loves to take photos for her facebook profile pic.  Basically, that is all that her friends do with her when they visit so I decided to throw a photography themed party for her 15th birthday.

INVITATIONS were black and white with a film motif that invited guests to join my daughter for a picture perfect birthday! Please bring a digital camera if you have one for a photo scavenger hunt and photo shoot.

ACTIVITES and GAMES included the photo scavenger hunt where the girls divided up into teams with one person being the photographer.  All team members (except the photographer which had to rotate) had to do the assigned tasks like hand stands, mummify one team member with TP, make a word with your team bodies, fit everyone under a bed, etc.  Prizes for the winning team were camera tripods from the dollar store.

Another activity that was a huge hit was a photo shoot.  I had all sorts of hats, bling and costume items for the girls to dress up in and take photos. The especially liked dressing up at characters like a nerd, cowboy, diva, hippie, etc.  I purchased at the dollar store glow in the dark necklaces for the girls to take night photos with.

Since this was a sleepover, we watched a movie - Rear Window since Jimmy Stewart took photos in the movie.

FAVORS: We downloaded the photos from all three activities and burned a keepsake disc for the girls to take home.  I also found (online) a camera mold and made chocolate cameras for the girls' treat bags. The treat bags were black and white polka dots and contained the chocolate camera, black and white pen (Oriental Trading), a photo coaster(Party City), camera key chain (Party City) that flashed and had the shutter sound and a camera strap.

For my daughter, I purchased a large black and white autograph frame for her guests to sign and for her to keep and hang in her room with a group photo of all her friends that attended the party.  I also had extra school wallet sized photos of my daughter and had her friends decorate the photo (think mustache, glasses, etc) and write a note on the back. 

DECORATIONS: Everything was black and white from the plates, cutlery, balloons, streamers.  I had photos of her with all her friends and took two black foam display boards and used covered it with the photo collage.  The girls loved finding themselves in the collage.  Another great keepsake for my daughter after the party was over.

CAKE: My daughter doesn't like birthday cake so we did a cookie cake instead with Have a picture perfect birthday" with white frosting and black ribbon.   Her thank you notes had a wallet photo of her thanking her guests for making her birthday picture perfect. "

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