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April 2005


Special Mention

Create-A-Magazine 13 Years Old:  I wanted to have a cool birthday party since I was about to be a teenager.  Every girl loves magazines, so I thought it would be cool to create our own magazine! 

INVITATIONS:  I took a piece of paper and folded it to look like a magazine.  The paper was white, so I could draw on it with any color and it would look nice afterward.  It looked like a magazine on the front.  It had a small picture of me and it said "You're Invited Magazine" at the top.  The little features on the side said "Make Your Own Magazine", "Help Us With A Photo Shoot", and "Lots of fun inside!".  I also put a fake barcode and a price on the cover. 

On the inside, I glued a lavendar piece of paper.  On top of that I put another smaller piece of white paper that had all of the information typed.  It said, "NAME would like you to help her make a magazine!  Come celebrate NAME'S birthday, while taking pictures, writing articles, and putting together a magazine!  DATE:,TIME:,ADDRESS:,RSVP:,Please Bring: Any clothes other than the ones you are wearing to the party that you would like to wear for the photo shoot and some of your favorite magazine articles.".  From the front, it really did look like a magazine! 

DECORATIONS:  We had long tables with all of the supplies needed to create a magazine-paper, scissors, markers, etc.  We also hung a white sheet in a corner of the room.  We put a bright light next to it so it would look like a spotlight.  We had velcro stips attached to the sheet and felt shapes with velcro so everyone could create their own background.  We had shapes like hearts and stars to cats and dogs!  We also hung purple, pink, and blue streamers around the table area.  FOOD: For dinner we had pizza, we had cake that was decorated like a magazine for dessert, and we had donuts for breakfast. 

THE PARTY:  As soon as all of the guests were here, we had pizza.  Then we went to wear all of the supplies and the photo shoot were and we assigned jobs.  We picked out of a hat and since I only invited 3 other girls, we all had lots of jobs.  Some jobs were, "Proofreader","Horoscope","Advice",etc.  Then, on my dry erase board, we drew a rough sketch of how the pages should look and who will be creating them.  On some pages we used the articles that we brought in.  Others we just thought of articles and typed and printed them out or wrote them in.  We had lots of papers, stickers, and markers to work with. 

After a while, we took a break and we took pictures to use in the magazine.  We had funny and serious poses.  We printed them out on my computer (the pictures were taken with a digital camera) and we used those in the magazine.  After everyone was done with at least half their pages, we took a break and ate cake and opened presents.  Then we finished making the magazine.  We went to Kinko's where you can print, scan, or copy anything, and we made color copies of the magazine.  It was all on one sheet though, nothing popped up or anything.  It looked really nice!  We handed them out to each girl and we stapled them together.  Ta-da!  Our magazine was finished! 

After that, we played "MAGAZINE SCAVENGER HUNT".  We were in 2 groups of 2 and we were given a bunch of magazines and a list of things we had to find and cut out.  Some things were, "An ad for Strappleberry gum", "Jim Carrey", "A red dress", etc.  The first group to get everything won!  Then, we played "MAGAZINE HEAD BALANCE".  We were seperated into 2 groups of 2 again and we had to walk to a cone and back to our team with a magazine on our head.  If we dropped it, we had to start from the beginning.   Everytime you went you had to add another magazine on your head.  Whoever got to 10 magazines first won! 

After that, we played "MAGAZINE TRUE OR FALSE".  Before the party, my mom had gathered facts about different celebrities.  On a piece of paper, she would write some true facts and some true facts but slightly different.  She would read them to us and we had to guess if it was true or false.  The person who had the most correct at the end of the game, won!  After that, we watched movies like "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Mean Girls".  In the morning, we ate breakfast and handed out goody bags. 

PRIZES:  Prizes were small notebooks, magazines, lip gloss, and cute pens. 

GOODY BAGS:  Goody bags were their magazines, different magazines than in the prizes, stickers, candy, and a small stuffed animal.  THIS PARTY WAS SO MUCH FUN!  IT'S A GUARENTEE THAT YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER WILL LOVE THIS PARTY!

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