Hollywood Summer - What Actress Am I

Movie Star Party-12yr- Director Dad Movie

American Idol -13yr- Pin the Microphone

Movie Making Party -16yr- Lord of the Rings

Hollywood Movie Swaree -13yr- Gold Star Awards

Hollywood Party -12yr- Invite to The Grammies

Hollywood Party -13yr- Limo & Acting

Hollywood Party -13yr- Red Carpet Entrance

V.I.P. Party -13yr- Oscar Outfits

Hollywood Party -13yr- Pin Oscar On Star

Hollywood Party -13yr- Chocolate Fountain

Hollwood Sleepover (11-14yr) Limo From School

Hollywood Party (10-13yr) Moctails & Karaoke

Night of Stars Party -13yr- Scavenger Hunt

Hollywood Party -13yr- Hands In Plaster

Hollywood Glam -14yr- Chocolate Bar Invite

Hollywood Scarlet Party -13yr- Limo At School

Celebrity Party -14yr- Movie Filming

Hollywood Themed Night -14yr- Celeb Who Am I

Hollywood Party -14yr- Like Oscar Trophys

Hollywood Sleepover -15yr- Hollywood Signs

Hollywood Party -13yr- Celebrity Trivia Game

Hollywood Glam Party -13yr- Acting Skits

Audrey Hepburn Party -14yr- Life Size Images

Kesha Lover Party -14yr- Mall Shopping

V.I.P Hollywood Party -14yr- Karaoke Singing

Celebrities & Paparazzis Party -14yr- Talent Show

Hollywood Party -13yr- Limo Pictures

Hollywood Party -15yr- Movie Trivia

Hollywood Party -13yr- Red Velvet Cupcakes

Broadway Party -13yr- Show Table Themes

Hollywood Night Out Party -14yr- Movie Theater

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Hollywood Star Party