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Hollywood Star Party


Kelly in Watervliet, New York United States


June 2008


Honorable Mention

Last year for my 15th birthday party I did a Hollywood themed sleepover-and it was a huge success. 

INVITATIONS: I invited about 8 of my best girlfriends who would be comfortable with each other and be able to have a lot of fun.  Out of black construction paper I traced star shapes and cut them out.  Then in a gold sparkly pen I wrote all the details.  I hand delivered them about three weekends before the party.  It's fun to see the reactions when you deliver it to your friends' houses, and that is the perfect amount of time before the party. 

DECORATIONS: The party was at my house and I went with the gold and black Hollywood theme colors (you shouldn't use more than two colors).  On my sidewalk I taped stars I had cut out and each one had a different guests name on it.  It was exciting to see their names and it got them excited before they even entered.  I had a stage door sign on the front door.  Entering they stepped on a red carpet that led through a doorway that had gold streamers hanging down. 

There was black, gold, and various Hollywood balloons on the stairs.   I first looped black streamers and then crossed it with shiny gold streamers.  To the left you could see our dining room table where we eat, which had black and gold and Hollywood themed tablecloth, plates, napkins, confetti, ect.  I bought Hollywood signs in those colors that I also hung everywhere.  I also hung these black and gold dangles with cameras stenciled on the end (almost a foot long each) above the table and from the ceiling and in the party room.  Gold Hollywood garland, the dangles, and streamers could be found throughout the house. 

ACTIVITIES: I preplanned a special playlist (Hollywoodish) that was playing constantly from when the guests walked in.  We had costume pieces for people who didn't dress up, and we took everyone's picture in front of the gold streamers.  This photo shoot was a big hit because some parents were still there and had brought cameras, and all the girls were having fun doing different poses until everyone arrived.  The guests arrived at 5, we had pizza at 6:30, presents after 7 and cake about 830. To calm down at night we watched a Hollywood classic movie.

GAMES:  I had many fun, original Hollywood games planned.  These included everyone getting a celebrity taped to their back and you had to go around asking people questions about who you were until everyone figured out who was on their back; a game where everyone had a partner and one of the two was blindfolded and they would have to crawl around trying to find as many mini Oscars as possible by listening to the other partners directions; a magazine scavenger hunt with the Hollywood obsessed magazines (Seventeen) where everyone had to cut out as many of the listed items in the time limit (such as red high heels) or you can make it more competitive by finding the biggest earings or darkest lipstick; and of course charades is Hollywood and party friendly. 

COSTUMES: I asked everyone on the invitations to dress like a Hollywood star and have fun with it.  All the big sunglasses, boas, sparkles, and a Hannah Montana wig was certainly a hit.  I also had a box of stuff for people who didn't have anything, and everyone got their pictures taken in them. 

PARTY SNACKS: we got a big punch bowl and made a plain but everyone liked it punch with rainbow sherbet and sprite.  There was always candy and chips on hand such as chips and salsa, sweedish fish, m&ms, and a veggie platter.  We also had fake calamari made with bread and jelly.  The drinks were served in plastic champagne glasses and everything was a gold plastic platters. 

CAKE: My cake was in the shape of a star, had all black frosting except gold stars and of course Happy Birthday Kelly!" 

FAVORS: I ordered these little clap boards with a picture frame in the middleeveryone loved them (I see them in all my friends' rooms!)-and they were a great souvenir to an awesome party!"

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