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Hollywood Star Party


Blythe in Chicago, IL, USA


July 2009


Special Mention

For my 13th birthday party, I wanted to do something totally amazing and fun that everyone would love. I'm a pretty adventurous person, so a plain old sleepover was NOT going to cut it for my special 13th birthday. I decided that since I love acting and singing and performing, I'd have a Hollywood party! I'm inviting 10 friends, so it will be 11 people counting me. This is going to be the best party ever! 

Invitations: Using PrintShop, my mom designed V.I.P. passes to send out as invitations. It said, V.I.P. Pass" And under that it said "Your all-access pass to the most fabulous party of the year!". Then it said "Who: Blythe ______. What: The most amazing Hollywood birthday party EVER! When: August 5th from 5:00pm to 10:30pm. Where: The ____________ Theater located on __________________________ _______. Why: To celebrate Blythe's turning 13! Other Information: Be sure to dress formally or informally as your favorite celebrity! We will be serving dinner and watching a movie. Please R.S.V.P. by August 1st." 

Decorations: Using white cardboard my dad cut out letters to spell "Hollywood" and attached sticks to the back. He planted them in the front yard making it look like the Hollywood sign. My mom let me buy a cheap red carpet and plastic ones of those things that line the outside of the red carpet. We also bought cheap spotlights to light the yard with. Inside we transformed the living room into one of the party rooms. We took the couches and furniture out and out them in the office. We bought a small disco ball to hang from the ceiling and decked the whole room out in black gold and red streamers and balloons. On the walls I framed large posters of celebrity's from magazines like 'Popstar' 'Tiger Beat' and 'Bop'.

The dining room was decorated by making the color scheme simply white and gold. Very regal. White tablecloth white chairs white walls (already there) and white furniture. All the plates and accent things were gold. In the basement the MAIN party Area it was basically a total Hollywood club. The bar the flat screen TV the music everything. Balloons and streamers were added to in the colors black white red and gold. Outside in my backyard we will have a D.J. and it will all be decorated with candle's and other Hollywood things. There is more red carpet there. 

Activities: When everyone arrives they walk the red carpet while my sister and her friends take pictures like paparazzi. At the end of the carpet my mom asks them to sign their name in this autograph book along with a little message for the birthday girl (me!). Once everyone has arrived and walked the carpet we'll go inside. Inside we'll start with doing our little photoshoot in the basement. My mom or sister will be taking the pictures of us individually in small groups and all of us together. That will last about 20 minutes.

Throughout the night we will do various activities depending on what the guests want to do. Later we will watch the movie "Mean Girls" outside using a bed sheet for the screen and a projector.  Dinner: Using PrintShop my mom created a formal menu for dinner. My dad will be grilling the food (except the pizza). The menu consists of your choice of pizza hamburger or hot dog. For drinks multiple kinds of pop milk or water. We also have fizzy water and flavored water like the stars have! 

Games: After dinner which will be at 6:00pm we're going to play a scavenger hunt game. We'll split into 2 teams with my sister being the "Leader" on one team and her friend being the "Leader" on the other. Each team will receive a list with about 10 Hollywood-Movie related things on it. The team who has the most items from list at the end wins. The timer will be set for a half hour giving each team 30 minutes to get everything on the list.

Another game we will play is "Celebrity Trivia" I made about 20 small cards with multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-blank song lyrics. My sister will be the 'T.V. Host' (We are filming it with a video camera. Well my mom is.) and she will read the question to the person or team. Every right answer will be one point. The person/team with the most points at the end wins. Those are the main games and then the rest of the night will be equipped with other normal party games including board games and Wii. 

Prizes and Awards: Sometime during the party we will have the awards ceremony. Using small little plastic oscar trophies from the party store my mom and sister will award each guest with a certain title/award. Categories will be Best dress Best smile Best hair Best makeup Best shoes and others. Also 'Best Birthday Girl' which will duh go to me. ALSO for the other games we played as mentioned above when a person or team wins that person/team will get to go to the prize table and pick out a prize. If a team won everyone on the team gets a prize. The prizes will include things like purses lotion make-up hairbands bracelets necklaces photo frames notebooks DVD's and much more.  Costumes: I will say on the invitations to dress formally or informally as your favorite star so everyone will be wearing either like a nice shirt and shorts or a casual summer dress. I'm going as Taylor Swift and I'm wearing this dress with flip flops. 

Party Snacks: At the snack table there will be chocolate covered strawberries candy popcorn and various treats. Also to keep it healthy we will have a fruit and veggie platter.  Cake:  We ordered a cake from a cake business. 

Party Favors: In cute little "Hollywood" bags we got from the party store my mom took the pictures the "Paparazzi" took and put a few of them in the gift bags. We also put a box of candy a mini Oscar a gift certificate to Blockbuster Jewelry and another special thing that will be personalized to the guest I'm giving it too.  Later that night we're going to play games in my basement like "Truth or Dare" and "Would You Rather". After that we're going outside and watching the movie.  If you do all these things you are sure to have the best birthday party EVER! : )"

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