Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Glam Party -13yr- Acting Skits




Hollywood Star Party


Shenae in perth, Western Australia, Australia


October 2009



THEME: my theme is a Black and Gold Hollywood Glam party 13 yrs

INVITATIONS: the invites for my party are going to be a black cd case this will say your invited with gold lettering stickers. Inside the cd is gold in colour. It says the info on it like date, time, where, RSVP, dress code (the dress code is to wear black and gold of course!!) and what to bring. The girls were told to bring makeup, accessories and glamorous clothes for the red carpet.

DECORATIONS: out the front is a red carpet which as the guest arrives the will walk down the red carpet. My sister and her friend will be taking pictures with disposable cameras. A cd in the background will be playing either paparazzi by lady gaga or just applause and screaming. My sisters friend will then quickly run to the door where the guest is about to enter and ask for there name. In the front yard will be a large piece of cardboard with glow in the dark paint saying Hollywood there will be black and gold balloons everywhere in my house. Small gold stars will be on each door saying things like grand theatre, luxury pool, out of bounds, pamper room, hair salon etc.

ACTIVITIES: the girls (there Are 13 since its my 13th)will be dancing, sitting my the pool with their feet dipped into the water. My sister and her friends will be serving us food and giving us massages. Random disposable cameras will be laying around for people to take pictures them selves as well as my dad taping the whole thing.

Since it's a Hollywood party we all have to be stars! The girls will be divided into groups of about 4 or 5 they will then be told they have to make a skit! They have one minute to think of a plot then in different rooms be recorded by my sister. We will then go to my room and open presents until my mum knocks on my door and hands me an envelope to read out. it will read 'you are cordially invited to dinner in the 5 star restaurant. we will all go to the 'restaurant' which is actually my dining room because we have a budget.  

after we have all eaten we will again go back to my room and my mum will deliver another envelope. it will read ' Stars get ready for the premieres. get glammed up and meet us in the grand theater' ( oops! i forgot to tell you that out theater that we called the grand theater was out of bounds to everyone because it would be getting set up for the premiere.) so us girls got dressed into our glamorous outfits and did our makeup. my mum and her 2 friends were waiting in the bathroom for us ready to do our hair and makeup if we wanted. they then told us to meet them out the front. nobody was there an envelope was on the ground of the red carpet again i will read it out it will say ' take a walk around the block when you come back pose as you are entering the 'be a star' premiere.

So we will walk up and down the street and there waiting will be my mum and her friends taking pictures and yelling out questions like'is it true your dating nick jonas?' for 10 minutes we will be signing autographs and posing ( I want them to feel like real stars) we will then walk inside and the theater doors will be opened we will walk down the steps and sit on the couch on the big projector screen we will watch the footage of my birthday and the skits. Then an announcement will be made by mum saying 'get ready for the oscars. None of the girls will know about this. We will wait in the theater by ourselves in the dark waiting for my mum to return. All of a sudden the lights will be turned on and the red carpet will lead up from the couch to the entrance which means you have to walk up the steps.

One by  one the awards will be presented. They are: miss crazy, miss smarty pants, miss messy, ,miss blonde moment, miss lazy, miss pinkalicous, miss loud, miss pretty, miss sporty, miss theatrical, miss exotic, miss prankster and me- miss fashionista. At the end I will be presented with a crown that says happy birthday. As you get the award you go up to the 'stage' and are presented with a rose and a sash saying 'lil miss ______ ' after that the people who are not sleeping over will be taken home and the people who are sleeping over will just chill watch music videos and go for a late night swim!!! Before we go to bed we will watch a movie. In the morning we will wake up and have a gourmet brekky of hash browns, pancakes, an assortment of fruit and juice. If we feel like it we will go for a swim before we go home. I will have my best friend stay for the day and help me clean up.

FAVORS about a week after the girls will be given a few reminders like the photos in a photo album as well as a dvd of the Oscars and skits.also some Avon makeup products because my mum's friend works at Avon and gets all this free makeup!

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