Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Party -14yr- Like Oscar Trophys




Hollywood Star Party


Bishop in Charlene


March 2008



For my daughters 14th birthday she chose the hollywood theme and invited 7 guests. 

INVITATIONS: 8 1/2 x 11 two sided invitations.  The front look like a magazine cover.  My daughters picture was in the center with all the invited guests photos around.  All of them had sayings like Her Movie to Be release this summer" gold and silver movie decorations from local party store black and gold plates and cups. 

ACTIVITIES: On the day of the party we took everyone to three 2nd hand and consignment stores where they bought outfits they liked and weird funny outfits to dress up in for the night.  The girls did a photo shoot in their "glamour" costumes.  We loaded the pictures onto the computer and made autograph sheets with their new photo on it. 

CAKE: we loaded them all up and took them to each others house so that they could hand out their autographed photos to everyone's family.  All dressed up and with a lipstick kiss on the cheek they all had ice cream cake at the local Dairy Queen.  They laughed so hard and loved going out.  Before they got home we had a roll of red plastic (red carpet) rolled out down the front side walk.  We had the girls walk back from a friends house down the block and then the rest of our family and a friend were armed with disposable camera's so that when they walked up the red carpet there were flashes going off everywhere.  It was dark outside which gave the right effect.  Everyone posed. 

FOOD: Supper was lasgne for convenience. Breakfast was waffles yogurt and orange juice in plastic chamagne glasses. 

GIFTS: After breakfast we handed out "Oscar" awards.  I went to the local trophy shop and had the guests names engraved on trophys that look like Oscars.  The absolute favorite thing that got the guests was I had phoned their parents ahead of time and asked them for the traits they loved in their daughters and had them printed out on a card to go with their award.  I started by saying "in the category of (then listed the personal attributes) and the winner is..."  I was amazed how the girls were surprised by what their parents thought of them.  They were truly touched. 

They went back downstairs and took pictures of themselves with their Oscars. When the first guest had to leave we had them all come out together and say good bye and the rest of the family lined up along the side walk and let the confetti pops go off.  We have super pictures of the confetti falling on them all. 

FAVOR: They took home their Oscar awards and sparkly silver little bags with treats inside. 

THANK YOU'S: we emailed  8 1/2 x 11 sheet that looked like a newspaper article writing on all that went on with lots of photos.  Headlines read "All the Who's Who on the red carpet" "Celebrities on the town" We used their poster celebrity names as well "Allise Witherspoon and Jessica Mitchell of Romancing the Stone Fame seen hanging out before the Oscars" "Is Adeene Hathaway planning a wedding papparazzi caught her out shopping."  This party was fun to plan fun to help out with and it's still fun to talk about.    "

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