Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Glam -14yr- Chocolate Bar Invite




Hollywood Star Party


Cassandra in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada


June 2007



For my 14th birthday party, i`ve decided to do a hollywood glam night theme.

For my invitations, I took the top wrapper off a chocolate bar (like a Caramilk) and printed my own NEW wrapper as an invitation. It said: I`m Having A Party. Are You There? Come to Cassie`s Hollywood Birthday Soiree! And then I included the RSVP and such.  

I decided that buying all of the decorations was going to be expensive, so I made my own. I used cardboard boxes from my school who had extra`s, and bought a can of spray paint. I had some white paint at home, so I didnt need to buy that. I cut out Movie posters" and taped on cool letters made from the computer. I spray painted all of it black and when you peeled the letters off it gave a cool old fashioned hollywood vibe. If you want you could paint over the letters in white paint to make it look more modern.

I made a few different posters and the titles were: "The Lounge" "Now Playing: Cassie`s Hollywood Birthday Soiree!" "Concession" among others. I also made a fake camera and spray painted it black writing: "CassieCam" on it.   I cut out stars and spray painted them blue and gold (I had a bit of these colours in my house) and was going to hang them from the ceiling. I also used little fairy lights (or white christmas lights) to hang from the ceiling.  

For food I decided to skip the cake and instead make vanilla cupcakes with fancy fruit garnish on top. I bought fake popcorn bags from the dollar store and made a construction paper top hat to fill with chips. We were going to order pizza put use black and gold paper plates and napkins for the effect.  

For games I will do an awards ceremony for which i found little statues at the dollar store and am personalizing it myself. We also might do a "star" photo shoot because everyone had to dress "glam". We will be watching movies that just came out. I`m also having "manicures" with sparkling nail polish.  

For music i`m burning a CD of new songs plus frank sinatra and other jazzy songs. Broadway songs work well too.   Overall I cant wait for my birthday and hope it goes well!     "

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