Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Party -13yr- Hands In Plaster




Hollywood Star Party


aniha in new delhi, india


March 2007



for my 13th birthday, i had a hollywood theme party. 

INVITATIONS: invitations were in the shape of a clapboard which i made with the help of my mother with black paper and wrote the details on it.  

DECORATIONS: I rented a red carpet and laid it along the driveway till my garden. along the walls of the driveway, i stuck posters of movies which i borrowed from a movie party was in my garden so i got a small stage. We put silver gold and black balloons. we also got balloons in the shape of a clapboard. 

GAMES: i invited about 18 girls and mostly all of them turned up. as soon as everyone came, we all did makeup and got our hair done by a hairdresser who had come from my grandmother's beauty parlour. We converted our dining room into a beauty salon with a long mirror on the wall and a table with it. i kept a basket full of my makeup stuff like blush-ons, mascars, nail polish, rollers etc. when everyone got dressed up i took them to the red carpet and one by one each of my friends walked down the red carpet and i was a reporter. i asked each of my friends questions like which movie/actor/actress do you think will win the oscars?". My elder brother recorded all this on a video camera.

then we played 'passing the parcel' we all sat in a circle and when the music was on we passed a paper-machie oscar which i had made. when the music stopped whoever had the oscar in their hand had to answer a movie trivia question. if the answer is right the game continues but if the answer is wrong the person is out of the game. the last person left is the winner. for prizesi gave them a few chocolates wrapped toghether with a star on top.

We also did a hand impression thing like the walk of fame or hollywood boulevard. We took a frame and some plastic sheets and poured plaster of paris in it. My friends pressed their hands and wrote their names on it.when it dried up  my friends took their handprints home with them.

Then we played the main game. I divided my friends into four groups and each group had to perform an act. It could be anything like a play or they could copy some scenes. Each act was for 7-8 minutes and they were given half an hour for practise. I had also made a props box with hats feather boas fake jewellery sun glasses guns etc. all of the four groups performed on the stage and my family membaers were the judges. It was lots of fun and the performances were great. Me and my group did a spoof on a very funny of the other groups did an act on 'hannah montana'. Each girl won a certain title and each one was given a star badge and chocolates. The catergories were:best comedeian best actress best story best director most confident most creative best hairstyle(which I had won) best dresssed best makeup critics award and the losers award for the losing team. 

FOOD: we made a refreshmaent counter where we served the food which was like the stuff in movie theatres. Popcorn nachos chips patties burger cola iced tea etc.we served the popcorn etc. in popcorn boxes (which we bought from a local movie thatre)the main food had spagetti some indian dishes cake ice-cream. For the return gifts I gave my friends vcds of movies like leagally blonde perfect catch herbie and narnia. Me and my friends really enjoyed and I love seeing the videos of the show we did. I hope you could get some ideas from my party. My friends said it was the best party they had ever been to. "

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