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Hollywood Party (10-13yr) Moctails & Karaoke




Hollywood Star Party


Lisa in Reeders, PA, USA


November 2006



We just had a Hollywood party for my daughters.  One turned 10 and the other 13.  I started by buying the make your own wedding invitations from A.C. Moore (with the 40% coupon - you can sign up by email and print them everytime you go to the store).  We asked their friends to come as their favorite celebrity.  I had found fancy dresses on ebay for our girls to wear. 

Decorations: We used the rolled, plastic tableclothes (from Party City) as a red carpet on our walk way and the porch.  We also used the helium tanks that you use to blow up your own balloons and made arrangements of gold, silver, black and red balloons and placed them along the walk way too. 

We decorated an unfinished addition for the party.  We used Hollywood scene setters (one that was black with stars for top of the room and the bottom one was stancions and a red carpet and silhouettes of paparazzi) from Party city and well as draping white, off-white and black tulle around the room and white christmas lites (about 5 sets). 

We had signs that said "Hollywood", "Party with the Stars", and "Awards Night".  We used star columns that were hung from the ceiling at the edges of the stage (that my husband made out of scrap wood and sheets of plywood)and a ball that lights up with 100 lights hanging over the stage.  We used black rolled, plastic table cloth to cover the stage and then put movie film and star confetti, along with fake rose petals (again, A.C. Moore). 

We also used silver garland with stars on it and gold garland that said Happy Birthday (dollar store) and hanging decorations that had film cameras, film canisters and stars on it (this was behind the stage on a white background - rolled plastic tablecloth again). 

My neice interviewed the kids once they walked down the red carpet, asking them questions like "which celebrity are you?" "Who are you celebrating with tonight?" and then making up gossipy celebrity questions to make it fun. 

When they came in the room they stopped at the bar (my friend was the bartender) for a "mocktail" (non alcoholic daiquiris, shirley temples and a sparkling orange drink) and then were served finger foods, on plastic silver trays, by waiters and waitress (adult family helpers wearing white shirts and black pants).  We used gold, black and silver plates, napkins and forks.  Eventually they sang karaoke for the remainder of the night.  I had made two cakes one of a large star and smaller stars around it and another of a gift with a big fancy bow and star cut outs.  

As favors, I made chocolate lollipops in the shapes of stars and clapboards.  As thank you cards, I had cut out star shapes on dark yellow paper and the kids wrote notes on them.  It was really fun to see the kids come up with celebrities (and the adults as servers).. We had John Travolta from Grease, one of the Cheetah girls, Jessica Simpson (my nephew and he looked good!!),Fat Joe, Nellie, Slim Shady, Will Smith, pro baseball players, and many other singers, dancers and actors. 

It took a lot of time to set up and plan, but it was well worth it and they will be talking about it for a long time!!

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