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Hollywood Star Party


Sophie in California, U.S.A.


September 2006


Special Mention

Hollywood Sleepover Bash 11-14 yrs- The Hollywood theme is such a fun theme, but at this age it can seem cheesy to have a theme like that, so this is my idea for a Hollywood Party. The theme is that you fly to Hollywood and receive the "star treatment" before your big night: the Oscars. This party can be held on Oscar Night or for a birthday.

INVITATIONS: I use this idea for birthday cards, and it is really cute and simple. In a fancy font such as French Script MT, type the party info up on a 41/4 x 11" piece of paper (half a piece of paper) and roll it up. Then tie with a piece of curling ribbon and put in one of those little jewelry boxes with glitter, confetti, and curling ribbon. Tie the jewelry box closed with a ribbon and deliver to party-goers. Tell them to bring (not wear) a fancy outfit. Also, before the party call a couple people to see if they could bring their video camera to the party (this way it will be faster to film multiple videos) In terms of the guest list, I would recommend 9-12 girls. I know that sounds like kind of a lot for a sleepover, but it is way easier to do all the activities and the more the merrier! It is actually not that hard to handle this many girls, especially at this age. If your are like me and you have a small class of 15-20 girls, you could have them all over but you should consider more parental supervision for the party.

DECORATIONS: In front of the house, roll out a red carpet, available at most party suppply websites. Inside choose black and gold (movie colors) for balloons. At the "movie theater": The movie theater should be the room in your house with the TV. Have your kitchen be the concessions stand (more about that later). Place pillows, etc. on the floor to be extra comfy. In the sleeping room: Have pillows and balloons without helium all over the place. In the spa(s): This should be the bathroom or bathrooms in your house. Fill the bathtubs with hot water and put bubble bath and rose petals in. Have scented candles all over the place. Spray fragrance spray around the bathroom. Pool: Make it (if you have one) like a luxury resort pool. Put out your best beach towels and have a little buffet with fruit, nuts, crackers, etc. Popsicles are good too! Also put up balloons by the corners. Have a "pool attendant" (adult) to bring people drinks and stuff.

THE PARTY: If you have a pool, start at 2:00. If you don't, start at 4:00. Swim and eat for a couple hours before the party really starts. At 4:00, Make your movie! At this age making a movie can be kind of boring if it's a fixed script, so try this interesting twist! Put together several completely random costumes, and get into random groups of 4 or more. In your groups, the girls have only 1 minute to figure out some sort of plot. The challenge is basically to film  fifteen or so minutes of improv that has a pretty good plot. Depending on if you end up with enough cameras to film the groups, this should take about an hour. Trust me, it will be hilarious!

After this (at about 5:00 pm), it's time to get glammed up for the Oscars! I'll assume that you only have one bathroom that you'll be using and one adult doing spa things. While guests are waiting to go to the spa, have on some popular TV shows for preteens. Serve snacks like Hansens sodas and chocolate covered strawberries too! At the spa, do three or four people at a time (different groups from movie groups).

Spa ideas: For a face mask: Before the party, Mash 6 bananas with three tablespoons honey. Refrigerate until party time. This recipe should be for about 2-3 girls. Of course, put cucumber slices on the eyes. Lie down with this for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

For fingers: rub olive oil into cuticle area. Paint if time. For toes: Soak toes in the warm water from the bubble bath. Have the "spa attendant" (adult) give pedicures. Hopefully this all will take only an hour. If you have lots of guests and it will take more, you might consider having multiple stations and doing everyone at the same time. After this, dress up in the fancy clothes that you brought. At approximately 6:15, it's time to do each other's hair! Have an assortment of hair supplies available and randomly pair up the girls to do each other's hair for about 30 minutes. It is lots of fun to play with other people's hair, and the girls will have a blast. You can either do a wacky hairstyle or a fashionable one. After doing each other's hair, have the girls vote on who has the best hair.

Prize: Bottle of Nail polish for both the stylist and the wearer. Now it should be about 6:50 and time for dinner. If you buy pizzas from Whole Foods, they are really good and all you have to do is pop them in the oven. Eat this, along with sparkling cider in champagne glasses. For a non-traditional birthday treat, try brownies with frosting instead of cake. It's absolutely delicious! Make sure to fully cover your fancy clothes while eating!

Now it's time to go in the "limo" (your car) for a fun surprise. Have your parents dress up as chaffeurs (you'll probably need two cars). Drive around town all dressed up. If a friend at the party lives within 5 minutes away, you could even stop by to sign autographs for her parents! Eventually, end up at your local ice cream place to get ice cream. People will stare, but that's half the fun! Now it should hopefully be around 7:50 or even 8. Definetely time to start your night of fun.

Have guests walk down the red carpet after arriving from the ice cream place. Parents, make sure to take plenty of pictures and get lots of autographs. Once the girls get inside, have them change into their PJs and go to the "movie theater" (your family room, or wherever your TV is). Before they get their movie snacks, sit down and watch all the silly movies you made earlier. Then give out "Oscars" (cardboard cut-outs you can make by hand) to all the girls for different silly awards such as: Funniest Actress, Funniest Walk, Best Improv, etc. If they want they can make silly acceptance speeches (I'd like to thank my agent, my manager).

After this, head over to the kitchen (the concessions stand) to get movie snacks. Before the party, cover a piece of cardboard with black paper, and in chalk write all the movie snacks. I would suggest licorice and popcorn with several mixins, such as M&Ms, Skittles, and sour candy (my favorite!). Then start the movies! Some slumber party favorites: Material Girls, the Perfect Man, Cheaper by the Dozen 2. You can also go with nontraditional but fun movies such as Bend it Like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean. I would recommend having 3 or 4 choices then vote for 2. And make sure all the choices have romance in them. This age never seems to get tired of romance. If you use this idea for younger girls, you have more of a variety to choose from. By the time you've finished both of the movies, it should be about midnight, and time to hit the sack (or pretend to).

NEXT MORNING: Let the girls get up whenever they want--they had a long night. For breakfast, instead of pancakes, make french toast or muffins. If you want, say goodbyes now, but if you have a pool, it's always nice to have a morning swim at the "Hotel pool" before you say goodbye. Have pickup be at 9:30 if there's no pool, or 11 if there is. For goody bags, put in their oscars, and definetly give each girl a little container of the American girl flavor blast lip balm--it smells really good. Also put in sparkly pens, stickets, plastic jewelry and maybe even some body glitter or something. The girls have already had enough candy! I had a lot of fun planning this party, and I hope you have even more fun using my idea. Good luck and Happy Birthday!

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