Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Party -13yr- Chocolate Fountain




Hollywood Star Party


Amelia in Braintree, Massachusetts, USA


August 2006



For my 13th Birthday Party I decided to have a hollywood party.

TRANSPORTATION: for transportation i finally got my mom to agree to have a limo pick me and my 7 friends up from school. The limo will pick us up at 2:30 and all eyes will be on us. Then the limo will take us to the mall. My mom will give each girl 10 dollars and they can bring their own money aswell. Then we will go to the Chanel counter at Macy's and have my grandma(the chanel counter manager) do our makeup. Then the limo will take us to a resturaunt of my choice. After were done eating the limo will take us back to the house.

DECORATIONS: for decortations we will have a red carpet out in front of my house with a spotlight and a model of the hill with the hollywood sign. Also my mom and dad will be the paparazzi and ask all my guests questions.

Then inside I will have the living room set up like a lounge. And on every door there will be a sign that says a famous persons name on it so it can look like a trailer. Then the kitchen will look like a consession stand where you can buy candy for a movie. Then if you go up the stair the first room will be like the actual theatre.

FOOD: We will have a chocolate fountain to dip strawberries and other fruits and such in. Also we will have tons of finger food. At the consession stand we will have popcorn, candy and other foods you buy at movies.

PARTY GAMES: when it comes time for the People's Choice Awards I persuaded my brother to pretend to be a celebrity and when accepting his award pretend to die on stage and it will become a mystery. I will give each person there own file containing information on each suspect. Then we will play Trivia.

THE END: At last I will give 3 or 4 girls VIP passes that will mean they get to sleep over and then my room will have a VIP sign over the door. I hope you got ideas from my party!!! :-)

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