Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Movie Swaree -13yr- Gold Star Awards




Hollywood Star Party


Lizzi in AZ


February 2006



For my thirteenth birthday I am having a Hollywood Movie Swaree.

For my d├ęcor, I am buying fairly cheap Hollywood plates ect. At Party City. I will decorate with silver and red streamers and balloons. I am cutting out letters to spell "Hollywood" using a whole sheet of printer paper for each letter, then taping them to my front window. Then I will place two flashlights angled at the letters for a cool Hollywood glow when geusts arrive as it begins to darken. I am going to neatly cut some movie ads out of magazines and make a wall of "Now Playing", by taping them to a section of the wall, neatly placing them underneath a printed out sign that says, "Now In Theaters".

Next I will buy a yard or so of cheap red fabric to drape down the stairs to the living room. I will cut out silver stars of wrapping paper and place them on the walls next to the carpet, for a cool paparazzi effect.

The menu will consist of bite sized hours de vours, like bagel bites, mini sandwitches with toothpicks, and ect. Later on we'll watch a movie in the living room with popcorn already set up. I will pour some sparkling apple cider and place them on the end table next to the couch in plastic champane glasses.

As each geust make their way down the red carpet to the premeire, their picture will be taken in some craft boas and funky glasses; the silver stars on the wall will sparkle in the picture if flash is on.

After the movie, I will hand out awards, which the day before the party I will buy wooden stars and spraypaint gold. I will then use a sharpie to write "Best Friend Award" or "Funniest Friend Award". It will be a sleepover so all the girls will have arrived in their "fanciest" pjs.

For games, we will go out into the street and give each girl an alka seltzer and sprite. They must put the two in their mouths. The concouction will fizz and foam out (it is messy), the person whom holds the fizz in the longest, wins!

And before the party, a name will be taped to the girls back of a movie character. Throughout the party, people must give the girl hints who she has on her back. Ex: Say a girl named Becky had "Forrest" clues could be "run Becky, run!" That is just a few helpful Hollywood hints, have fun with them!

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