Hollywood Star Party

Movie Making Party -16yr- Lord of the Rings




Hollywood Star Party


Kayce in Clovis, CA United States


January 2005



I wanted something really special for my twin brothers' 16th birthday.  There are so many wonderful ideas for teenage girls, but very few for boys.  We did a video scavanger hunt two years ago, and that was a blast.  This one needed to be even more memorable.  After a lot of thought, time and creativity, I came up with a movie making party.

They love the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I thought it would be great fun to make a spoof on the movie.  This is the plan of action:

(1) Come up with a variety of characters beside the obvious main characters, depending on how many friends are able to attend.  

(2) Write out different scenes in which the characters appear.  You can be very detailed and have a word for word script, or just let the youth improvise.  

(3) Dig deep in your closet, drawers, go to thrift stores, yard sales, or costume supply stores (depending on budget) and put together possible props and costume accessories for the characters (i.e. a blond wig for Legolas, beard for Gimli and Gandalf, etc.)  The cheesier the costume, the funnier.

(4) Assign parts and let the camara roll.

(5) To add a lot of humor, make a boy play the part of a girl (Arwen), or assign a girl to play a guy (Legolas).  No white beard to be found for the wizard?  Hey, just use a pillowcase.  Get creative and have fun!     

When the finished product is complete, sit back, watch and enjoy.  You can order pizza to make things easy, pop popcorn and pretend they're real movie stars, or even invite neighbors over to watch.  This can be done with any movie, not just Lord of the Rings.  Make copies of the video and give it to the guests as an unforgettable party favor!

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