Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Party -13yr- Red Carpet Entrance




Hollywood Star Party


Helen in Woodstock, CT USA


May 2006


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birthday, I was having a tough time deciding. Should I have a kiddy jungle party? No. A  luau? No (after all, my party was in November!). Then I thought of it. I had had it before, but I never  really thought I could turn it into an annual thing. But, the idea was perfect...a Hollywood themed  party!

After all, who could resist? When deciding, I didn't want to make the theme too specific. If so,  I would've had a troublesome time buying things...and party supplies might have gotten too  expensive. So, to compare and contrast prices of supplies, I went online. Online is such a great  place to buy party items, especially if you can't find your theme supplies in stores!

So this is what I  did:  I themed each of my house's rooms: The sitting room=Award Room (Oscars), The dining room=  Celebrity Cafe, Sleeping room (this party was a sleep-over)=Exclusive Celeb Marquee Theater.  For my invitations, I used computer software to put a picture of me in sunglasses and a feather boa  on, and typed on the blue, polka-dotted cover: You can be a star..., and on the inside it said:...At  Helen's Annual (And Exclusive) Hollywood Party!, and then, it gave the information about it being a  sleep-over, and remembering to \*dress nicely\*! 

For decorations, I made a pretty solid color theme: Red, Black, Yellow (Popcorn, lights), Gold, and  Silver (or white). Although it seems like many colors, when you look at it, you notice a  theme...Hollywood, of course! I put black, white, and red balloons everywhere, and the same color  streamers. I hung up an award banner for the sitting room, and put a fringy banner across the  somewhat like "stage" (pretty much a thick windowsill). The Celeb Marquee theater had a "Now  presenting..." doorway sign, popcorn boxes, and to add an exclusive (yet inexpensive) look, I used  dark red gossamer to look like curtains for the windows.

The Celeb Cafe had a black table cover, a  popcorn centerpiece, and red balloons and white streamers everywhere. The menu? Let's just say  that stars pig out every once in a while...right? How could I forget? The entrance!

For the walkway, I  bought an inexpensive strip of long, red fabric, and put it along the walk, as well with gold-foil  stars with everyone-at-my-party's names on them! I had made a CD of crowd applause to play  outside, and had a strobe light looking like flashing cameras! The home-made crowd mural, and  Hollywood street signs added a real-looking touch to it! And to top it all off, I set my video camera  outside taping the entrance of all the FABULOUS-looking "celebs" (but it really looked like a press  camera), along with my mom as the press, my dad as the servant, and myself screaming and taking  pictures. And that...THAT was one heck of an entrance! 

The party went very smoothly. After everyone arrived, we blasted some of our favorite songs, and  held a dance competition. After that, we each assigned groups to make their own commercial to  plan for 10 minutes, and then tape. Then, each group split up again, and made up skits, or dances  to a chosen song! Whoever won each "most creative", "funniest", "cutest" got an award I had made  on the computer.

After all the "gaming", we settled a bit down, and made our own comedy sitcom.  We ate dinner, had cake, and gave each other makeovers before the world-premiere  "Hoscar" (Helen's Oscar) Party! All in our sparkling gowns, we rushed down to the television, and  watched our own movie, while voting "best actress", "funniest actress", "best makeup", Etc. I handed  out the awards again, after the votes went through.

When it was getting late, we smacked my  clapboard pinata several times, until the candy had fully come out. We gathered our candy, and  peeked in our goodie bags, and viewed a REAL movie. Many girls fell asleep, and in the late  morning, the parents came.  May I suggest…         If you ever have a party, or if you are ever THROWING a party for a girl aged 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,  14, 15, 16….(the list goes on, and on)…I'd say throw a Hollywood one. The results are stupendous,  and the theme is made to be creative!

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