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Hollywood Star Party


Natasha in Syydney, NSW, Australia


June 2004



Be a Movie Star for A Day  I was struggling to find a good idea for my thirteenth birthday. Everything that I'd had as a birthday party so far had been great and I was trying to outdo my 12th- a weekend in Kangaroo Valley at my holiday house.  I tried to think up what girls liked- sleepovers, lollies, pampering, movies... then it hit me. Be A Movie Star for a Day!  It took a lot of planning and dedication but I really think it was the best party I've ever had. I invited 7 girls to make it fun. 

INVITATIONS: I did these on the computer. They were done on pink fancy paper, sprayed with cheap perfume and said in fancy script, "Dearest .....(name), Darling won't you come to my party? Be a Movie Star For a Day, 18-19th of June. Please bring your favourite cds and some glam outfits. Everyone who's someone will be there!" Then I folded these up, put them in fancy blue envelopes and put a big lipstick kiss on the sealed part of the envelope. Inside the envelope i included a ticket to the Oscars and a voucher for one "very expensive, exclusive" treatment at Natasha's beauty parlour. These were both made on the computer.

SCHEDULE: This party started on Saturday morning and ended on Sunday morning. It was a full 24 hours, emphasising the "Movie Star for a Day" part. Firstly, the girls arrived at my house for a makeover. I had five stations- Pedicures in one bathroom, Manicures in another, Hairstyles in the lounge room, Make-up in the kitchen and Wardrobe in the study. I decorated each room with a "Natasha's Beauty Parlour" sign that had lots of glitter on it and sparkles. I also put out magazines and turned the tv on in the lounge room so girls could watch it while they were getting their hair done. Each girl when they arrived and gave me their coupon, I gave them a satin drawstring bag with their name fabric painted on it. My Dad pretended that he was going to be the Director of a movie. He told all the girls that he would be filming us in a movie that would come out in cinemas in a few days so we needed to hurry.

Then he said that he neede us to get made over first, and then come out for the filming of the movie. In pedicures and manicures, we soaked our nails, put hand cream on, pushed back our cuticles and filed our nails. Then we polished them, and I provided nail decals, diamantes and other little bits and pieces to make our nails look really fancy. Some girls even wrote their initials with the diamantes! Others just made hearts or stars. Then they each got a nail polish bottle to put in their satin bags.

In the Hairstyles section, my mum and her friend were waiting to do everyone's hair. I had all sorts of hair clips, hair ties and hair mascara. Everyone got their hair made up differently and could watch tv or read a magazine while it was being done. Everyone got a mini-shampoo and a hair mascara for their satin bag. In Make-up, my mum and her friend again put mascara, eyeshadow, blush, glitter and lipgloss on everyone. They all got a lipgloss for their satin bag.

Finally, in Wardrobe, I had put these movable coat racks on each side of the room and a "change area" in a walk-in wardrobe. Everything in the wardrobe area was mine, my mum's and my friend's that they had brought. I put a sign up, "Everything that is in wardrobe must be returned". People chose whatever clothes they wanted to wear, and added some jewellery. Everyone got a fake gold bracelet for their bag and it had their initial on it.  We finally got to the backyard, which was really cool. Our deck was set up like a stage for the play, and my dad had set up the video camera on a tripod thing and he'd put directors chairs next to it. There was a table on the side with carrot sticks, celery, dip, crackers, water and a bit of soda. Mostly health food. My mum and her friend were standing by with blush and hairclips just in case. 

I passed out copies of a script I had made up. It was a mixture of Legally Blonde, Clueless and Just Married. I got my brother to play this guy that all eight of us were fighting over. The deck was set up like a cafe. There were eight of us at one table and him at a small table, and we each in turn had to go up to him and flirt with him. It took a lot of takes before everyone got it right but it was so, so funny. We all acted like total bimbos and most of the time we had to start over cos we were laughing so hard. 

When we had finally finished, my dad yelled, "That's a wrap!" Then we all got changed out of the costumes into our normal clothes.  We then had lunch, mini hot dogs since I heard that some celebrities are hooked on hot dogs, salad and "star-studded icecream"- vanilla with caramel chips!  My mum said, "Okay movie stars since you've worked so hard it's time for the relaxation part before the Oscars." Then she got us into two cars and drove us to the Hilton!  When we checked in at the Hilton, we went into our rooms. We had two adjoining rooms, but we mostly used one room. Each room had some special features that we put in- fluffy rugs (we bought fluffy material at the fabric store) and Ferrero rochers on the pillows. 

Then we changed into our swimmers and went down to the Hilton spa. It was so cool, we went swimming, then had a sauna and then went back up to ourrooms and we got into the two big tubs, four people in each because they were so big.  By then it was six o'clock, so my mum rang me on my mobile and said it was time to get ready for the Oscars. We all dried off, re-styled our hair and everyone put on the dresses that they had brought. It was really amazing, everyone had put the best efforts into finding pretty dresses.

Then we applied glitter and make-up and went downstairs.  My Mum and Dad had actually rented one of their entertainment rooms and had decorated it really well. There was a red carpet (just a long red piece of material) and a stage area, and tables. A lot of my friend's mums and dads had come, as well as my auntys and uncles and cousins.  First we got filmed walking down the red carpet, and then we sat down at our tables, a full eight-seater one for the eight of us. Then one of my uncles, being a waiter, came and served us. There was soup and a main course, pizza! It wouldn't be a party without pizza! And there was sparkling apple cider (champagne). 

After that, we got to watch the movie we had made on this big screen. My dad had rented a projector and projected the film onto it! There were credits at the end and everything!  Then my aunts and uncles went up and presented clay, gold-painted Oscars to everyone. There was "Best Actress", "Best Hair", "Best clothes", "Best Smile", "Most Radiant", "Most Confident", "Funniest" and "Best Make-up". Then I got an extra Oscar, "Best Teenager". Then they showed a tribute to me in my thirteen years- baby photos and kiddie photos, on the projector.  

Finally we had dessert- chocolate icecream, and a choice of a chocolate cake shaped like a camera with liquorice icing, or a cake with Reese Witherspoon silkscreened on the front. She is my favourite actress.  It was a long evening and we finally went up to our rooms. We had snacks- chips, lollies and some fruits and vegetables, and we partied in a girly way, watching movies and playing truth or dare. Finally we all went to sleep at around three o'clock in the morning. 

When we woke up at ten, there was a knock at the door and in came my mum! She had robes for each of us with our names printed on the back. We got into them, and then came in this waiter with breakfast in bed! There was bacon and eggs, pancakes, hash browns and orange juice.  After the breakfast we made this music video with a kareoke machine my mum rented, and we made up dances to it, it was really fun. 

For favour bags I had the satin bags I had given them. To that I added mints, lipstick-shaped lollipops and some other lollies. Then about two weeks later I sent everyone a copy of the movie we had made, the oscars and the music video.  This was definietly the best party I had ever had. If you throw this party for your teen, I guarentee she'll be the happiest girl in the world!

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