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Hollywood Star Party


Kailey in Oviedo, Florida, USA


July 2004


Special Mention

This summer my friend and I had a Hollywood summer party and all of our friends loved it.

LOCATION: First we had to decide where to have the party and picked my house because of the large open family room that connected to the dining room so guests could eat and dance in the same area without having to run across the house.

INVITATIONS: We made our own movie ticket shaped invitation that tied in with the Hollywood theme. On the front it said admit one with the person's name and on the inside was all the information about the party. On the invitations we asked people to please dress fancy for the ocassion and explained that there would be dancing. We also asked that each guest bring their favorite CDs so the music could be what the guests wanted to hear. Then our invitations were hand delivered to each guest's home.

DECORATIONS: We picked purple, gold, and white as our main colors and got balloons in thoses colors. We used crape paper to make streamers and to save money we made our own door curtain. To incorpirate stars into our theme we cut out cardboard stars and covered them in foil, hung the on thread from the doorway. We also used "My Starstudded Scrapbook" to get quotes from actors, actresses, and singers to post around the room. We cut out intresting articles, quizzes, and posters to hang up out of old magizines. We made matching purple and gold colored silverware, tablecloth, plates, cups, etc.

There was sparkling cider and sparkling grape juice with served in plastic wine goblets to go along with the theme and they added a touch of class as we pretended to be drinking wine and champane like movie stars. For the Grammy ceremony that we had at the end of the night we made a podium for us, the host to stand at and used a red tablecloth as a red carpet leading up to the podium. We had a congratulations banner behind the podium for the awards ceremony too. We turned down the lights and shut the blinds then turned on our disco ball and another flashing light we had.

MENU: After everyone arrived at the party which started at 5:00p.m. we ate fancy finger foods. There were sandwiches and a good idea would to be to cut them into stars but we couldn't find a star cookie cutter. There was loads of junk food, including a big jug of cheese puffs, a variety of chips, tater tot fondue, and pepperoni rolls. We also had fruit and a veggie tray and sodas to serve with the meal since the Sparkling drinks were gone within the first twenty minutes. At the end of the party we served chocolate cake, vanilla cake, marshmellows on a stick from the store, and icecream.

ACTIVITIES and GAMES: When our friends arrived there my younger sister greeted them and put tags on their bags with the name of an actress or singer. Throughout the party guests could ask yes or no questions to figure out who they were. Other guests could make comments about someone's tag such as Cameron Diaz might have told Keira Knightley that she loved her movie Pirates of the Caribbean. At the end of the night my friend, my sister, and I hosted a fake Grammies ceremony where we gave an award  to each guest using the name on their back. For example the girl who had Hilary Duff got an award for her movie A Cinderella Stroy. If someone didn't know who they were they got a few clues although that didn't happen at out party.

We took used my dads exercise machines to hang boas, beads, gloves and other dress-up items then everyone dressed up for our glam pictures where we pretended to be models. We also took pictures as everyone entered. The big activity was dancing. My friends mom taught us the electric slide and people could request songs. My friends brother was our DJ. We played a movie trivia game where you pass around a box of trivia and when the music stops whoever has the box opens it up and tries to answer a trivia question. If they couldn't answer the question they were out. We also let guests suggest games to play. One guest showed everyone how to play What If and that brought up a lot of giggles.

Everyone writes down two what if questions then everyone gets another persons question and must write down answers to them. The first person reads their first answer then their first question to the person to the left of them. The person reads their first answer but it won't always match the question just asked. After reading your answer you read your question and you go around the circle twice. Everyone got autograph books to sign at the end of the night. The party ended at 10:00p.m. Around 9:20 we went swimming. It wasn't planned but we had extra bathing suits for people to wear. Some guests didn't want to mess up their hair and make-up so they sat on the pool deck and talked instead. Ten minutes before ten we got out and changed back into our nice clothes as parents started to arrive.

RESULTS: Everyone had a great time at the party and didn't want to leave at 10. I would recommend this party to any teenage girl and you can put your own twists on the party.

TIPS: If you want to throw a Hollywood party make sure there is alternatives for those people who don't feel comfortable dancing. If someone doesn't want to dance they shouldn't be forced. And for all parties - let the party go where it wants to go don't try to plan every single minute of the party otherwise people won't have much fun.

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