World Culture Party

Weekend In London -13yr- Mom, Daughter & Two Friends




World Culture Party


Jenna in Geneva, Switzerland


August 2012



For my 13th birthday I'm going to go away with 2 friends and my mom for a weekend to London.  For me it was fairly expensive because i live an hours plane ride away so i could only take 2 friends but if you live close to a big city you take more people and drive or take the train. 

INVITATIONS: I copied and pasted a bunch of pics of shopping bags onto word and removed all the backgrounds so i was left with only the shopping bag then i organized them so the pics covered the whole page i then printed the page off.  I typed all the party info on a word document and printed it and cut a 1/2 inch border off the sides of the piece of paper. next i punched 2 holes in the top of the word doc with the party info.

I then took a piece of colored card (make sure its exactly the same size as the doc with shopping bags on it )and punched 2 holes very close together at the top of it and took a thin piece of ribbon passed either end of it threw the holes and threw the 2 holes i punched in the party information doc and  i made a bow.  

So the card should be attached to the word document by the bow and there should be a 1/2 in border all the way around because the doc should be smaller.  Next i glued the picture of all the shopping bags on the other side of the card making sure u can see none of the card.  I put the invitation in and envelope and gave it to the person. 

FAVORS: They will actually get their favors at the begining they will each get a disposable camera and 50 pounds spending money. 

ACTIVITIES:  The activities were basically the weekend so after school on friday we will take the earliest plane we can and fly to london.  When we get there we will have dinner and relax in our bedroom.  I will bring lots of nail polish, make up face masks.  So if were bored we can do that.  

Then the next morning we will hit the shops, i will previously have asked the guests what shops they want to go to so i will have made a list with their addresses.  So we will shop all day maybe visit the london eye and buckingham palace.  We will stop for lunch somewhere and shop some more.  

Then that evening we will have and earlyish dinner and afterwards go see SHREK the musical.  

The next day we will shop some more maybe go for a swim at the hotel.  When were getting ready my mom is going to drop the disposable cameras off at a 1 hour place after that we are going to got to the airport and take a flight home.  

On the flight I will give them each a small scrapbook which they can glue their photos into and the tickets and stuff as a memory.  Once we get back to geneva we are going to maybe grab something small to eat and drop them home. 

COSTUMES:  There are no costumes but I will tell the guest to bring a bathing suit an outfit for Saturday and Sunday and on nice outfit for dinner but no more because otherwise they won't have room for all their purchases. 

GAMES: shopping if you consider that a game 

PARTY SNACKS: We won't really be having snacks because we will be eating at restaurants the whole time but on the way on the plane if they get hungry we will have some of my moms famous cupcakes which my friends love. 

CAKE:  On Saturday night at the restaurant we will be having a small cake, but I don't know what it will be like yet.

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