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Bollywood Indian Party -14yr- Henna Tatoos




World Culture Party


Hannah in Jacksonville, FL US


January 2014



For my 14th birthday party, I decided to have an Indian/Bollyood themed party.

I invited about six girls. and upon arrival I gave them pretty Indian scarves to wrap around their head and a bindi for their forehead. In the background I played Indian music and had Just Dance" set up while people waited for everyone to arrive.

I decorated our house with pretty mirrors white tigers and elephants. Pretty much anything sparkly with the color scheme of blue orange and pink. I told all the girls to wear colorful clothing and their happy faces! We had a bollyood dancing contests where my guests got to show off their skills with my belly-dancing skirt with jingling coins attached.

For the main activity we had ordered a henna kit online and had the supplies set up on our counter with newspaper for any mess. If you don't know henna is a temporary tatoo that is created by squeezing a paste made from the henna plant onto your skin. You may want to warn the parents about this but the effects wear off after a week or two and it is perfectly natural and fun.

Following a book of designs henna is usually drawn into flower or abstract geometric designs. Some of us were better than others and everyone was drawing on everyone! Some girls even wrote their names in cursive or their crush's name!!

After we had had enough of the fun we all piled into the car and drove to a local Indian restaurant. It was during lunch so they had a buffet and all the girls loved trying the exotic food!! Even the waiters and waitresses loved our outfits and henna.

After we were full we returned to the house for cake and presents. My cake was made by a dear friend who is also a baker for Publix(the grocery store). She made a two-tier cake covered in blue fondant(sugardough) and intricately designed swirly patterns that looked just like our henna! The cake was beautiful AND delicious!

Finally after opening my wonderful presents I gave my guests goody bags with Indian mirrors more bindis and bracelets.

When the parents arrived some were skeptical of our henna some laughed and most were so excited they let us draw a flower or swirl on their hand!! It was such a fun party and I will never forget it! (Neither will my friends!)"

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