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World Culture Party


Whitney in Atlanta Georgia USA


January 2011


Honorable Mention

For my Around the World B-day party I will invite 4 girls, the party will start at 5:30 and guests will start arriving at 5:00. It will be at my house. For fun, take navy blue construction paper and staple it in half with a pieces of white paper inside with a country name on each page , write passport on the front and hand them out at the door. Write how to say hello in each countries language after each station. These will be your passports and part of the favors.

INVITATIONS: Cut out a blue round piece of construction paper about the size of you head, to be your globe. Then cut out a few green pieces that will be land to go around the edges. Be creative! Then I will cut out a white piece of construction paper in the shape of a rectangle small enough to fit in the middle of the globe but big enough to write things on. Then write all the info on the white part. I am famous 4 my invites to my parties and you don't have to make them yourself. That’s just me.

DECORATIONS:For my party, my house has 3 rooms plus the living room I will be taking them to 4 different countries- India, China, Mexico, and France. For France I will print out or draw pictures of the french flag and tape it up in the living room where France will be. I have a CD that has music in different languages. I will put the french song on repeat. The room will have low lights, plus I have a light that changes colors I will screw that in the overhead. I will put out pillows and blankets in front of the TV ( we are watching a movie).

China is in the computer room and for that I will set out a blanket with fancy stitching, we will eat dinner on it (egg rolls,hot tea,and egg drop soup, rice with c-sticks.)I will decorate with flags. I CAN'T tell you about Mexico yet, I will explain later. India will be on my parents low and flat bed. Basically,we are just gonna taste different spices, and then close our eyes and descibe the spice. ( I will decorate with low light, flags,and I will drape fancy embroidered scarfs all over the room.)

ACTIVITIES: Dinner in China, Taste Test in India, Watch Pink Panther in France,and Mexico will come last because it's in my room and after we finish tasting spices I will lead the girls down our dark hallway to my room where I open the door and.GID DANCE PARTY!!!! Let me explain. I have always wanted to do a Glow in the Dark Party but couldn't find enough stuff to do it with.

So I came up with this idea- Totally deck out a room in glow in the dark posters, necklaces, bracelets,etc. Get a blacklight, turn out all lights wait till night and take the girls down the hall lead them in the room while they are wondering whats goin' on flip on your Cd player with you favorite song at the loudest volume posssible and scream DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!" Get everyone dancing and by the end of the song everyone is pooped. (pretty smarthuh?)Then we will break a pinata and take pictures of the group in all the stations. While the pics are being developed you probably want to play some party games.

GAMES: Truth or Dare Musical chairs duck duck goose etc.

PARTY SNACKS: Since we will be eating the whole night we probably will just snack on chipssoda veggiespopcorn and all the other junk we girls like to eat.

Cake- the cake will be similar to the invites. A blue iced cake with green detail. I will put the first letter of each countries name in their spot on the cake. Eat cake after games.

ALMOST FINISHED: For the rest of the night we will be camping out in France watching movies eating junk putting whip cream on each others faces and gossiping till we fall asleep. In the morning we will eat breakfast of cereal most likely.

FAVORS: I will send home the pics from the night b-4 plus some candy a pair of chopsticks with a ribbon attached that says "Thanks 4 coming" their passports and a cute compass/pencil sharpener from party city.

END: This sounds like an expensive party but I added it up and if you make most of the decorations the most expensive thing would probably be the black light room and u don't even have to do that!Try buying most of the d├ęcor from the dollar store  it cuts the cost down by a billion.

I wrote this party down in my party planning notebook so I'll never forget it and I am sure no one else will either!!

THANK YOU BIRTHDAYPARTYIDEAS.COM I couldn't do this party without you!!!! :):):):):):)"

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