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World Culture Party


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May 2009



For my daughter's 14th birthday party we decided to take a 'trip around the world' 

The invitations we designed to look just like airplane tickets, each child was instructed to bring an over night bag, swim suit and small photo of themselves.  When guests arrived we had made a sign Benjamin Airlines" (our last name is Benjamin) and the front of the house was decorated like an airport. 

I downloaded model headshots and on a huge sheet of kraft paper made it look like the head shots were people looking out the airplane window.  When each girl arrived we stapled their photo into a passport that we made for their travels.  At 4pm we had a limo pick us up and take us to a local high end hotel.  We booked a suite with 2 bedrooms a eating area and a kitchenette. My husband and I had one room and the other girls stayed in the other bedroom that way we were in the same area but had a great nights sleep!  

The first place we went to on our make believe trip was to Africa.  The girls made jewllery and there were decorations from Africa in the room a huge postcard made of bristol board fabric and so on. 

The next stop on the trip was to China where we docorated the table with chinese newsprint hung oragami cranes and used chopsticks.  We ordered Chinese take out and had it in the suite. 

Next we went to the pool downstairs and played games that originated from Brazil in the pool.  Everytime we went to a different continent I put a sticker or stamp in there passport. 

After Brazil we came back up to the suite and played pictionarty trivia from Australia. 

Each game also had a prize to represent the country.  Brazil had tropical jars filled with candy Australia was a stuffed kangaroo.  Later that night they watched a movie "8 Below" about Antartica.  The next morning we had a Paris style breakfast with cheese croissants orange juice fruit and so on. 

We then checked out of the hotel and drove across the street to the mall where the girls were divided into 2 teams.  I supervised one group my husband took the other group.  They did a digital camera scavenger hunt.  Some of the things on the list were; spell the birthday girls name take a picture while you strike a pose on a piece of furniture take a picture of each girl wearing the same pair of jeans.... 

Finally we ended at New York Fries for lunch then brought them home.  It sounds expensive but really it wasn't too bad.  I got the limo from a friend who has a limo company I'm a florist so we traded flowers for a limo ride at Valentine's Day.  The suite I booked on Hotel so it was at a disount the food for breakfast I took with me and stored in the kitchenette and all the decorations I used what I had. 

Our daughter had a blast and the passports were a great keepsake reminder of all the places they went!  "

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