Sweet 16 Party

Club 95 Party -16yr- Smoke Machine & DJ




Sweet 16 Party


Bek in Shepparton, Vic, Australia


March 2012


Honorable Mention

For my 16th I really wanted a party to remember. I decided on a purple, black and silver Night Club theme, it would give the effect I wanted and because we were all under age it wouldn't get out of hand. 

INVITATIONS: They were black, purple and silver (one of those colours was sparkly). They had Club 95 (as in 1995 the year I was born) on the top and all the info for the party on them. Down the bottom was a tear off access pass (to make the club seem real).

DECORATIONS: We hired a hall and with help from my extended family we turned it into a night club, with all the decorations being in the colour scheme of Black, Purple and Silver.  Black tablecloths were hung over the walls to hide the bricks and over posters that were up.  Sliver streamers were hung in the doorways.  We hung a purple mosquito net from the roof.  It helped to outline" the dance floor and gave a really cool marquis effect.  We hung a mirror ball from the center to add to increase the dance area affect. 

There was a photo booth made out of a garden arch black cloth and fairy lights. Tables were placed towards the back with purple black and silver table cloths and centerpieces of helium balloons and a silver 16. 

There were purple black and silver balloons everywhere.  A smoke machine and disco lights helped complete the club scene.  There was a servery from the kitchen where we put the food (and later the chocolate fountain).  Near the door was a table for presents and a book to write birthday wishes in.

ACTIVITIES: I asked my friend and his brother if they could DJ for it which they did so we spent most of the night dancing (make sure there are lots of drinks you need to keep your energy up). My sister agreed to be the photographer for the photo booth. Everyone had fun getting their photo taken.

As everyone arrived they were given a Lucky Door Prize ticket which was drawn during the evening.  Near the end there was a questionnaire on How well do you know the Party Girl? A prize was awarded to the one with the most correct answers. (It was so funny to read through the answers later).  There were also speeches from my Mum and Uncle and the opportunity for me to thank everyone. That was really lovely.

COSTUMES: There were no costumes but everyone dressed up as if they were really going to a club.  My mum and aunties dressed up as waitresses since they spent most of the time in the kitchen and serving.  Mum and I had gone shopping a week before the party to buy my dress.  It was strapless and red with silver sparkles and little roses on one side. It came up just above my knee. I knew it went against the colours of my party but that's what I wanted.  I felt so beautiful and I really stood out.

PARTY SNACKS: On each table were purple bowls one each of pretzels peanuts and skittles. We had hot snacks which were put on silver trays and taken around by waiters (aunties uncles and mum).  For dessert we had a chocolate fountain (this was an early birthday present). We placed out fruit and marshmallows for the chocolate fountain but my friend went slight crazy and dipped in whatever they could find.

CAKE: I had planned to have a Cake that looked like a pillow with Pointe shoes on top (I’m a little obsessed with ballet) but I become very sick before my party and could not make it.  My Aunty and Mum at the last minute arranged cupcakes on a big plate in a 16. It was so lovely.

FAVOURS: When everyone was leaving they were given a chocolate heart with a purple or silver wrapper and a balloon. My party was even better than I could have hoped for. My friends and I had so much fun. To this day my friends still say what an amazing party it was and that we should do it again. "

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