Sweet 16 Party

Hello Kitty Party -16yr- Lots of Games




Sweet 16 Party


Christina in St.Louis, MO


March 2012


Special Mention

Every girl dreams of her 16th birthday and I wanted to do something I would love without breaking the bank. Since my mom hates helping me plan my partys I planned it all on my own. And I absolutly adore Hello Kitty! So of course I had to add my Hello Kitty Flare! 

INVITATION: For my invitations I decided to go with a picture of hello kitty holding baloons that showed the date,time,place, and all that jazz. Inside the envelope I added pink confetti that said happy birthday and had stars. You can find the confetti at walmart.

DECORATIONS: I love decorating so I went all out on this party! At the bottom of my road there was a big Pink sign that said Happy Birthday On my mailbox I tied pink balloons to it and a giant hello kitty balloon. I woke up early to draw all over my drive way in sidewalk chalk Happy Birthday Christina! And I drew 16 everywhere to! It looked great. As the guest walked in my house there was a big sign that said Christina's Sweet Sixteen! With hello kitty all over.

There was twisted crepe paper hung in each arch of the kitchen the colors were pink,green,yellow,and blue it looked awesome. When walking in the living room I had a hello kitty happy birthday banner in the archway. I made a balloon arch myself in yellow, pink, and white which turned out amazing all my guest loved it. I had a big table brought in to put my presents on it I had a pink table cloth with confetti all over. I had a hello kitty pinata hanging for a game that I will explain latter. I also bought hello Kitty posters and hung them all over my living room. On the cake tabel there was multicolored dasies and hello kitty baloons and a big stuffed hello kitty.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: Here was my schedule. Schedule: 12:00-12:10 Guest arrive and talk/ fill out envelope then place envelope in box(I have them fill out an envelope so I can spell their name right on their thank you cards and it saves me time so I can use their envelopes latter) 12:10-12:15

Once everyone arrives they apply a temporary hello kitty tattoo 
12:15-12:30 We then play ice breaker game  
12:30-12:40 We then play freeze dance, one practice the second one gets prize
12:40- 1:00 Then play the movie theater game
1:00-1:30 Then we eat while watching a slideshow of me through my years
1:30-1:40 Then play pin the bow on the hello kitty winner gets prize
1:40- 1:50 Then plays pass the hello kitty winner gets prize
1:50-2:00 Then play the apple game, winners both get prize
2:00-2:40 Then we have the Wii tournament most point’s wins prize
2:40-3:20Then we have cake and ice cream and I open up gifts
3:20-3:25 I then draw name envelope from box that winner gets a prize
3:25-4:00 just hang out and play pinata 

The icebreaker game is where you draw a hello kitty card and whatever number you pick there is a question to match. For example, say I drew a four the question would be If your life was a movie would it be a drama,comedy,romance" You get the point.  Freeze dance is where you dance, and when the music stops you have to freeze and the last one moving is out.

The Movie Theater game is an improv acting game where you have two chairs in the back and two in the front set up like a movie theater, and the two people who sit in the front have to act normal and the two people in the back have to act obnoxious, and they have to have a theme; for example, they could be the annoying people that give away the ending, and you have to play for truth like you were actually in this situation. Its soooooooo funny! 

Pin the bow on hello kitty is just like pin the tail on the donkey only the hello kitty version I drew my own hello kitty and then cut out bows out of construction paper and decorated them.  Pass the hello kitty just like hot potato except with a miniature hello kitty stuffed animal. 

The apple game was so much fun you get in pairs of two and each pair has to put an apple in between their forehead and has to do different commands when the apple drops the pair is out.  The slideshow was really cool and very touching my guest were suprisingly very entertained. 

Most of the games had prizes and I had bought a ton of stuff for them to choose from. There were facial masks, picture frames, make-up, jewelry, and all the goods. At the end of the party whoever didn't win a prize I gave them one. 

FOOD: The time of the party was akward due to circumstances so I didn't know whether to do a meal or appetizers, so I did a nacho bar with all kinds of toppings. I colored a picture of a hello kitty in a sumbraro and laminated it to tie in the nachos. There was also all kinds of sodas the guests could get drinks any time they wanted.

CAKE: I ordered a hello kitty sheet cake that was pink with hello kitty and said happy sweet sixteenth Christina! It was adorable and delicious I also had hello kitty cake pops on the side that I made myself the guest loved them. We ate the cake with vanilla ice cream. 

FAVORS: My guests left with pinata candy, nail polish, a hello kitty pencil, hello kitty silly bands, lipgloss, sunflower seeds, make friendship grow a candy bar, and whatever prizes they won.  My guest had a great time and three got to spend the night we went to the mall that evening got a pizza from pizza hut and went bowling untill one am! It was a great party everyone had a blast and it wasn’t expensive either!

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