Sweet 16 Party

Masquerade Party -16yr- Historic House Venue




Sweet 16 Party


Emma in Frederick, MD USA


December 2011



Me and one of my closest friends have birthdays within two days of each other, so we decided we would have a joint birthday party. this keeps costs down for both of our families, yet still allows us to have a huge celebration. Our party will take place in the end of March and we are inviting about 70 people. our color theme is Royal Blue, purple, and gold. 

INVITES: we ordered our invitations off of Vista print. they had over 100 pages of templates to choose from, as well as an option to create your own. we found a template that we liked and were allowed to customize it in any way we wanted. we asked our guests to come in semi formal attire and to bring a mask, but if they do not have them we can give them one. 

We kept costs low by taking advantage of 50% off deals they were advertising, as well as sticking with a black and white back of the card, plain white envelopes, etc. we got them all for about $30 including shipping.

VENUE/DECORATIONS: we will be holding our party at a local historic house, The Landon House. after searching around for a place that was both big enough and cheap enough, we finally found this place. he gave us special pricing since it was a birthday party instead of a wedding like they usually have and since we would need less time to set up. we got the place for $250 for 5 hours.

We bought a huge light up, wire mask to display in the room we have food. we are going to put up a sheet behind it and on the floor in front of it along with lots of costume props, such as fun masks and feather boas etc. for a photo booth.

We are either going to order a Polaroid portable printer for $50 off amazon, or take the photos to a photo store the day after the party and send them out as thank you cards to everyone. we're also putting up twinkle lights and streamers for decorations. My friend and i will be wearing matching dresses and masks, however mine will be purple and hers will be blue.

ACTIVITIES: we will be having the photo area and food in one room, but in the other room will be full dancing. My friend's father has loud speakers we can put up around the room, and we have made a song playlist for the night that we will just play on one of our IPods, with one special song for each of our dad's and one special song for each of our boyfriends.

The main event of the party will be the dancing. we're also having a table for presents so at some point in the night we may sit down and open them. we may have a dance contest or a contest for the best mask and give out prizes for the winnners of each. 

FOOD: we decided since everyone will be dressed up and since we don't really want a full dinner, we're just going to go with a variety of chips and pretzels, cheese and crackers, and veggie trays. we're also only serving drinks in cans, as to make sure there is no spiking of any drinks. we'll have sodas and also lemonade and juice.

We've also hired a local candy shop to have a candy bar with all sorts of candies from different years of our life. Instead of a cake we will be having cake pops that our moms are going to make the day before.

FAVORS: we are going to give out masks at the door (priced about $2.00 each) so people can spice up their outfit as needed.

We will also have Chinese take out boxes at the candy bar so if it isn't all eatten by the end of the night, our friends can take it home.

All in all, it should be a really amazing night.

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