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Sweet 16 Party


Rachie in Canada


October 2011


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Every girl's dream is to have the perfect Sweet 16 party! Its one of the milestone birthdays, and one of the most important days in a teenage girl's life! However, the party may seem flawless in the end, but behind everything, there's a ton of planning and spending. Read on for the perfect party, stress-free, and in YOUR budget, or even below!

INVITATIONS: Depending on your preference, you might spend a lot of time on invitations or not. But cute powerpoints are the perfect little invites for everyone! It'll be sent by email, so no person will feel left out if they're not invited, and they're guranteed to be recieved and read the day you send them! Plus, they save you the whole hassle of dumping 50 invitations in the mailbox. Choose cute backgrounds, and say something like, It is our honour to invite you to the 16th birthday celebration of ___________ on ________ (date). You can include other things like little previews and hints of what will happen at the party to get people excited. Include a picture of the birthday girl on the slideshow and put it to music preferrably her favourite song. Send them off to all your guests with a click of your mouse! They're sure to be loved!

DECORATIONS: The ultimate place for a Sweet 16 party is a ballroom or banquet hall. By why go overly spendy if you can rent a big party hall for less and make it look just as good? Party rooms can be as little as about $38 per hour or maybe even less. It all depends how long the celebration will be and how much you want to spend. Pick a theme or a colour scheme which in this case will be light pink with white roses. Take silver Christmas lights and hang them up inside to provide soft lighting. You can also use silvery Christmas tree fringe to line the border of the room between the ceiling and the wall.

Next make a elegant canopy of light pink streamers in the centre of the room. You can even hang a fake disco ball or chandelier in the middle of the canopy! Use tables and chairs with light pink table cloths organized in the room depending on how many guests you're expecting. You can use real dinnerware or paper. Wrap the cutlery in pink napkins tied with a pink ribbon and a white rose laying next to each place. Put a pretty wine glass at each place.

At the front of the room set up a screen & projector for a powerpoint filled with pics of the birthday girl and her BFF's and family. Put a CD set at the front in the corner for music. Hang light pink balloons up and also scattered around the floor. Scatter white rose petals on the tables and floors. Prepare a table off in the corner for gifts. Get a helium balloon that reads "Sweet 16" OR a banner.

ACTIVITIES: Having an ice-cream sundae decorating contest is sure to make anyone's 16th birthday "sweet". Set up a station with vanilla ice cream and a lot of toppings like: chocolate syrup caramel syrup strawberry sauce sprinkles smarties gummy candies etc.... The girls are sure to love this! Have a judge award the best sundae's maker! Then... of course they'll get to eat them!

GAMES: You can play a lot of great games! Musical chairs in a big party room is really fun especially with everyone in heels and dresses! You can play limbo with a long stick filled with candy available at Dollarama. Then you can do a scavenger hunt! Have about twelve players sit in chairs in the middle of the room back to back. (So six on each side)

Then get an anounncer. They'll go on the loudspeaker and say something like... "Find a pair of car keys!" All the contestants must run out into the party and find what they're supposed to then run back and grab a seat. The one that comes last won't have time to take a chair (the 13th player) so he/she is out and another chair gets taken away. Kind of like musical chairs/scavenger hunt.

COSTUMES: Have all the guests come in evening dresses heels and suits and stuff like that. It'll make your birthday girl feel special. When she makes her enterence have her announced on a microphone and walk in to her favourite song. When she arrives have groups of 16 go up to her at a time each group having a bunch of 16 white roses. Each one will give her a rose and tell her something they wish for her for her 16th year. It's a nice sentimental touch.

PARTY SNACKS: Do something tasty and elegant but easy to make like: chicken fingers veggies and dip roasted potatos things like that to make it more elegant.

CAKE AND FAVOURS: For the cake light 16 candles and have the birthday girl make a wish on each one. Then play the powerpoint with the music and pictures. If you want you can show a movie like "16 Candles" or "16 Wishes". Have the birthday girl toast to the important people in her life and make mini speeches about them. This is sure to make some girl's day at the RIGHT price.

The party idea is original and classical and perfectly easy to make slight changes to for adjustment to your liking. Enjoy and I hope this helped!"

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