Sweet 16 Party

My Lovely Sweet Sixteen -16yr- Memory Notes




Sweet 16 Party


Beka in South Abington Twp., Pennsylvania, US


December 2012


Special Mention

I had my special day September 30th and it took a lot of planning and help from all my family and lots of friends.Plus plenty of great internet websites like this one, so do lots of research.My Mom did most of the shopping for me because I have been sick and unable to go out.We were on a budget, but that doesn't matter because this was a really awesome party.

INVITATIONS: My mom bought the greatest invitations at a dollar store. We set the date on Sunday Sept. 30th, and the time was from 2:30 to 6:00. The colors were black and white with a pretty design on the outside. Inside I wrote, You're Invited: Beka's Sweet Sixteen, and so on written in a pink pen. I also added a note for my guests to come in dressy apparel. I invited about forty guests, which included extended family ( whom I hadn't seen in almost two years because of my illness), and my teenage friends both girls and guys.

DECORATIONS: My family helped me decorate our backyard into a dream party scene. We used two canopies and strung paper streamers: pink, black and white (my theme colors) well acually just pink and white between the canopies making a low ceiling of color above the cirlce of chairs(borrowed from church) under it. There my guests could mingle and relax.

We also had Christmas lights on the canopies and between them giving a lovely mature atmosphere. Under one of the canopies we set out two tables for food and refreshments. Under the other canopy we put out another two tables where on one I had reserved for gifts, and the other I decorated with special things to me like: stuff from my room, pictures of me when I was young, places I wanted to see in my future, a jersey of my favorite football player and so on.It was a nice way for my friends to see my personality.

My dad also bought the grandest balloon ever, which I kept for weeks after displaying it at my party. Everything looked so pretty and I loved it. The ceiling of streamer and lights between the canopies were epecially beautiful and made the elegant atmosphere for my party.I also had pink and lavendar candles lit out on the tables.

GAMES:  I planned a scavenger game with the clues being questions about me. On each clue there was four possible answers with each leading to a different place in my yard.When the team ( my guests grouped into teams of four or five) found the correct place with the correct answer they would receive the following question and continue on. With each clue they got they would also take a card so that at the end we could all count them and find out who had the least amount of colored cards and they would win.

I had an extra complete set of questions for my aunts or grandparents who didn't participate. For the prizes I bought cheap nailpolish, nice candy bags, packs of gum and colored pens. The team that got the most wrong answers to clues I presented them with dum dum lollipops. Many of my friends have told me how much they enjoyed the game and I loved finding out how well my friends knew me.  Make sure you  think of interesting and even hard questions that will keep your guests having fun. We did have other plans for games but decided against them so I could visit with all my guests.

By the way, the forecast had hinted it would rain but we went on with it, and I'm glad because even though it only sprinkled once during the scavenger hunt game many of my friends liked it more for the intensity it brought.And actually we also got some sun too.

My mom also surprised me with a basket of notes my friends wrote to me prior to the party.I had gotten the idea from another party on this site but when I told her she seemed uninterested so I didn't expect it. I read the notes on the following day - my true birthday. They were all so sweet and I am keeping them in an envelope with other remnants of my party. What a wonderful gift.

My friends wore nice casual clothes to dressy clothes. I wore a semi-formal black dress. It looked cute and my cousin,she's a hairdresser, did my hair in a cute teen pony tail to the side.

FOOD: For the food, we served ham and turkey sandwiches, potato and macoroni salads ( one of which a friend made for us to help), chips and sodas, as well as water for lunch. Then with a pretty cake we bought from a baker, we had punch.

CAKE: The cake was a chocolate layer  sheet cake and a smaller sheet marble cake on top. The icing was bright pink with red and white roses clinbing up the sides. They looked so dainty and a black ribbon with Sweet Sixteen Beka" written on it.I also had a Hawaiin flower on top.The cake turned out beautiful.We had the punch( non alcoholic) in little plastic wine glasses my mom also found at a dollor store.It had been my aunt's idea and it looks really grown-up and fancy.

PARTY FAVORS: The party favors that my sister and I made were pieces of white mesh fabric cut into squares. We then filled them with peppermints and chocolate kisses and tied them with a pink curling ribbon. We also attached a card on which I had written, Beka's Sweet Sixteen. They were simple but cute in the Paris box I placed them in. My party turned out wonderfully and the best part was the people around me. 

For almost everyone I hadn't seen in at least six months due to my illness and carsickness. They were all the reason why that day is so special to me with the memories of their love for me. Don't forget the pictures. My party was nice for me because it reflected my loves, so do what pleases you. I had a lovely backyard decorated and filled with pleasure, and a very blessed day!

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