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Sweet 16 Party


shantelle in british columbia, canada


June 2005


Honorable Mention

Sweet 16 Birthday Party. My birthday is at the beginning of January, so beach parties are pretty much out of the question where I live. I've decided to rent my local hall, which is about $50. This hall has a stage, large floor area, and a kitchen in it. I plan to invite quite a few people: from school, church & sports. I'm planning this party myself, so I have to run everything through my parents before I can do it. Okay so heres the party idea

INVITATIONS: Print them on the computer and have a baby picture of me on the front. In the middle have the information (where, when, why, time, etc.). Back Page have a collage of pictures from when I was born to 15 years old.

WHERE: local hall, $50. HOW MANY PEOPLE: About 50.

SUPERVISION: I plan on having a formal dance for 1.5 hours of my party, so I wasn't sure I wanted my parents to be there. Just now I figure that I will need them there to make sure things get done, etc. So my parents will be supervising, one of my mom's closest friends, and maybe one of my friend's mothers.

DECORATIONS: My theme colours are maroon, silver and white, so I'll get balloons blown up with helium at the Dollar Store (50 cents/ balloon). I'll also get streamers in my 3 colours and hang them from the center of the ceiling to the edge of the ceiling. Also, for the dance we'll get a silver disco ball and hang it in the middle of the ceiling, as well as a few spotlights and some disco balls. For the tables I'll get vases with fresh flowers. I'll go in the morning and get everything done with some friends and family.

FOOD: I want to have the party from 6:30pm-11pm (my parents will be off work and so will most of my friends), so this is what I plan to have: Snacks- fruit trays & dip, vegetables & dip, pretzels, chips and candy. Main food- For people who didn't eat dinner beforehand I will just order pizzas... the basics: a few cheese, pepperoni, hawaiian and maybe one or two other ones.

Cake- Order from a local bakery!

MUSIC: I will either just bring a stereo and set it up on the stage, on get my dad to set up speakers on the four walls. My friends and I will make mix CDs to play so I don't need the cost of a DJ. One of my parents, or another adult that’s there will change the CDs when they're over.

PREPERATION: Around 4pm with my closest friends, we'll go to a HairStylist/Makeup Application place in my town and get our hair and makeup done. After that we'll be driven to Wal-Mart and get a portrait of the 6 of us done. If they want they can pay for copies also.


DANCE- 1.5 hours. Fast and slow songs.  Before the dance starts we'll have someone take a picture of all my friends and I as a group. They can stand on the stage and look down on us to make sure all of us are seen.

GAMES- Make sure everyone brings a change of casual clothes. I'm going to play the game Mission Impossible around 9-9:30pm because this is a night game. The game M.I. is when theres a tower people have to get to (there is a playground behind the hall I'm renting). Two people have spotlights or large flashlights on the 'tower'. There are about 15 snipers for 50 people (you can change the sniper: people ratio). The snipers carry flashlights and sneak around in the dark trying to catch the people.

Snipers also carry a marker to mark the people they catch. When people are caught and marked, they go back to a Home Spot (which will be the hall itself) and the person there puts a line through their mark so they start playing again. The people have to sneak around trying to make it to the tower without being caught. The goal of the game is to get to under the tower, where there will be an item to bring back to Home.

MOVIE- borrow a projector from my friend, which can place the movie on a white wall so everyone can see it.

FAVORS: Buy wrapped candies/chocolates in bulk and then place them in separate cloth bags.

PICTURES: I'll have disposable cameras around the room so people can take pictures and I can get them developed, and put them in a photo alblum. Also, when people arrive they'll get a picture with me (a parent or friend will take the pictures).

THANK YOU CARDS: I'll get doubles of the pictures, and when I send out a thank you card to everyone I'll be sure to send them a copy of their picture with me or a picture of everyone who was at the party.

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