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Sweet 16 Party


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Jan 2003


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For my Sweet 16 I am not going to do a traditional party at a hall, but it will be just as memorable. I am going to invite five of my closest friends that I've known since Elementary School.  

For Invitations I am going to buy premade, blank, cards that will go with the color theme of the party. (my colors are going to be pastel pink, white, and silver) These cards have a vellum envelope which is sort of transparent, and the card is very simple w/ hearts on it. I am then going to go to a craft store to buy craft pens that write milky/silvery, I will write out all the information out in a silvery pink and a metallic silver. Since my handwriting is not that fancy, I am going to buy a stencil that has fancy letters and just stencil out the invatation info on it.(or you could type it) Inside: You are cordially invited to \*name\*'s Sweet 16, at: time: attire:, etc. or You can start off the card with a quote or poem and just list the information below that.  You can punch a whole at the top of the card and lace ribbon in it and tie with a bow. On the envelope then write the receiver's name with the same fancy font. If you want it to be more formal, write first and last names.  

I am then going to have the guests get dropped off at this fancy hotel not far from my town. (I might even rent a limo to pick up the guests and drop them off at the end, if budget pertains) I have not worked out all the details yet, but since it is an over night party, I will need to do something with the guests' bags (luggage) and presents. 

Upon arrival, the guests and I will enter the hotel in formal wear (make sure you say something about dressing up on invitation) Since I did not want to have the party at a hall and as a traditional Sweet 16, I still wanted the dressing up aspect of it. (getting hair/nails done, prom dresses, etc) If you are doing this, you have to pick somewhere where you can dress up like this and is very formal; not a casual local eating place where it would look weird if you are the only one's who are dressed up. This works out well, because the hotel where I am having it, has a very nice restaurant inside, and everyone eating there gets dressed up, so you wouldn't look out of place.  

At the dinner table I will place 2 disposable cameras so the guests and I can take pictures of us in our gowns. If you are low on budget, skip the restaurant, and just have a nice dinner in the hotel room, so you can still dress up. (either get the food catered or have your mom/family member make it before the party) After dinner, we will head up to the hotel room where I am renting it for the night.  

Before the party starts I will decorate the hotel room with 16 baloons (5 silver, 5 white, 6 pink); 3 crystal bowls filled with water, with metallic silver floating candles (lighted) and a pink silk flower in center; streamers and other decorations that go with the theme and colors; a bouquet of pink and white flowers in a silver vase; and anything else I think of before the big day.   Since I'm spending enough money as it is on the party, we will not eat dessert at the restaurant, but at the hotel instead.

I will order a birthday cake ahead of time, and have a bakery customize it for me. (silver writing that says Happy Sweet 16, lots of flowers in frosting, and a nice center) Also I will have icecream, toppings, whipcream, and an assortment of cookies from the bakery. After dessert we can open presents. 

I will buy a total of 3 disposable cameras, 2 for the dinner table, and 1 at the hotel (or use whatever shots are left from the other cameras) I will make sure to use up all the shots, and have my mom go to a 1-hour photo and have them devloped that night. This is important because while at the hotel the guests and I will make a scrapbook of the big event. Not only will making the scrapbook be fun, but we will have something we can remember the day by.

I've bought this kit from QVC before even coming up with this idea, and it comes with everything you need to make a scrapbook. You can just go to a craft store and buy the items seperately. (scrapbook, stickers, glue, scrapbooking paper, scrapbooking pens, scalloped scissors, etc.) I will have all supplies in a container and when it is time, we can take it out, and the guests will a have fun time creating a scrapbook, making captions for it, etc. The last page of the scrapbook will be a memories page, a blank sheet, with just a catchy title and caption at the top, and the guests will sign it and write a message, whatever they may like. So I can have it to look upon and never forget what good friends I have.

The only thing, don't focus too much time on this, because it can get hectic. Try and use your time wisely, because the night will go by fast, so take up about only an hour on the scrapbooking.  Towards the end of the night we will watch a movie. I will rent two movies just in case (16 Candles is a must and will go with the Sweet 16 theme) The second movie is a backup incase we run out of things to do which is unlikely. Remember to ask guests for suggestions on movies so you can pick a movie everyone will agree on and not just you. Other activites at the party will include swimming at the indoor pool, playing cds, dancing, singing kareoke, party games, etc.    

Also I forgot to mention that you should change in your P.J.s toward the end of the night so you can do all activities comfortably without worrying that you will mess up your dress. If there is an indoor pool or jacuzi in the room make sure you tell guests to bring a bathing suit/towel.  

The next morning we are going to have a quick breakfast (cereal, muffins, bagel and creamcheese; something easy you won't have to make) Depending on what time we have lefy, we might do another activity in the morning (swimming, go to the spa in the hotel for a facial) or just eat breakfast and gather our things and drop off the guests or have them picked up.  

I hope these ideas helped for anyone planning a party like this. Mine is in two months and I hope all goes well. Happy planning to me and you both!!

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