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Sweet 16 Party


Lexi in Duluth, GA United States


July 2005


Special Mention

In my family it has always been a tradition that a girl's Sweet Sixteen party gets to be HUGE! I was the first girl to be born into my family in 2 generation so I got to have an extra big party. If youre planning on a smaller party, Dont stop reading because my party was Big but it was also on a budget, I did almost everything myself! Google, I have to say, is a girl's best friend. Choose whichever search engine you prefer and just type away! It's led me to ideas (including this site), supplies, and so much more!

I started out with a theme from my favorite colors  (Black, Blue and Silver with a night sky type theme) and I am definitely a nocturnal type so the theme really fit. I bought almost NOTHING at a store because everything is outrageously priced and for just a couple hours work you can save hundreds! I rented a Dance Hall and hired a DJ (I used the same DJ from my high school homecoming! if you liked the music they played at your homecoming, track down you school's Student Government sponsor they have all the information, its a great way to make sure youll like the DJ) which was definitely one of the most expensive things!

While I was looking around I noticed that Invitations for a large number of people were through the roof expensive! I solved that by picking designs and such, and then making them myself! I printed the invitations at home, but for an extra touch of glamour put them in Vellum envelopes with glitter inside! On My invitations I specified that the dress was semi-formal, so the girls were all in homecoming type dresses and the boys were in collared button up shirts.

I went in early the morning of my party and set up everything, it was maybe 2 hours work, but it looked very professional! I had a scrapbook with lined pages for my guest book (every 3 or so pages is a scrapbook page from MY scrapbooks, so that randomly people get a glimpse of what I was like growing into my 16 year old self) this was MUCH cheaper than a real guest book but a little bit more formal than a poster. I wore the dress that I would be wearing for my older brother's wedding (I was a bridesmaid) and it just happened to be blue, so it matched my theme! I did my hair myself, although I did get my nails and such done (a little bit of pampering for the birthday girl!)

AT my party I mixed and matched several Quinecenera traditions, family traditions, things I had found in my Google searches and things I had made up. I had a very large cake (to accommodate the large numbero f people I had) but I made and decorated it with the help of my mother and sister in law, so it cost next to nothing. I gave out the cake just before starting all the traditions so people would have a reason to sit down and be quiet while stuff was taking place.

My first ceremony was a candelabra lighting. My candelabra had sixteen candles (I found them at a party supply store and just arranged them on plastic shelves so it looked formal without paying hundreds for a candelabra) each was lit by a person who meant something significant to me. My people had no idea that this was going to happen (except my parents) and were overjoyed! I read out a poem that called each of them to light  a candle, heres a few lines:  Casey, for ten long years weve been friends, what a very very long time For sticking by me through all the years, please light candle number nine Kearstin weve had our ups and down, and lasted from now till then For being so awesomely crazy and fun, please light candle number ten 

After lighting my candelabra I recalled my parents to the stage. I made a short speech thanking them for all they have done and continue to do for me. I then followed with how I was growing up, and that I needed to leave my childhood behind, and passed on one of my dolls to one of my younger female friends. I coupled this with advice to her and everyone that ægrowing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! Followed by me lifting up my dress (only inches, dont freak out) to show that I was wearing flat heeled shoes.

My mom then got to make a speech and present me with heels, accepting that I was now a young lady. In my new heels I then danced with my father (a slow song) at the end of the song he made a speech and then presented me to my escort, signifying that he accepted my growing up. Then we just danced the rest of the night away! It was such a blast! I started planning my Sweet sixteen about 8 months in advance. Most of that was booking a DJ and ball room.

Unfortunately my Birthday is right around the time of prom so scheduling was pretty tight and I suggest booking things even earlier! I gave out invitations a month or so before my party. About 85 percent of the people I invited showed up, it was a really good number, and the people who couldnt come thanked me very much for inviting them! This was great because it meant that I didnt dishonor them, but I also didnt have 5 million (exaggerating) people at my Sweet Sixteen!

A few websites I found really helpful: I hope this helps you out (ok, and a small part hopes it makes you jealous too!) and if you need anything, email me! I love planning parties and I have loads more information, websites and tips than I could possibly fit into this one page!

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